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As an agency marketer, you will want to track valuable customer information for multiple clients. 

While our trial plan helps you track customer data for one client, you can track and maintain all your clients’ customer data in one place by upgrading to our agency plan. Check our pricing plan for agencies here.

After purchasing our agency plan, check out the below steps to link your multiple existing individual accounts under one agency account.

1. Login to your CustomerLabs primary agency account (through which you upgraded your plan)

2. Go to Settings page from the Main menu.

3. Under Plan & Usage, go to the Agency Management tab. You will have the Agency Invite Token. Copy this token

CustomerLabs CDP agency CDP dashboard showing agency invite token.

4. Now login to your secondary account that you want to add/link to this main agency account

5. Go to Settings page from the Main menu. Under Plan & Usage, click on the option “Link to an agency account

6. Paste the invite token copied from your agency account in the box given → Click Link this account

7. You will be notified with an invitation email 

8. To accept the request, open your primary agency account again and go to Settings → Plan & Usage

9. Under the Invitations tab, you will see the sub-account request

Agency dashboard to have all the accounts in one place. CustomerLabs White-labeled CDP

10. Click on Accept to accept the invitation and add this as your sub-account

11. After confirmation, your account, and the sub-account’s resources will be linked

12. Repeat steps 4 to 10, if you want to link more accounts. To view how many accounts you can link to your current plan, click here

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