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What is destination?

Destinations are other platforms like Ad Platforms, CRMs, Analytics, and Marketing automation platforms where the marketers would like their customer data unified.

There are two ways in which we can send the data out:

A) Client Side Destinations

B) Server Side Destinations

Client Side Destinations

Client-side destinations are basically JS scripts which CustomerLabs trigger on the website, whenever a user takes an action on the website CustomerLabs JS will trigger that particular event to all the destination platforms which support client-side data collection.

Unless it’s essential, it’s recommended to keep the data tracking on the server-side to reduce the load times of the website.

No-Code Event Tracker

CustomerLabs CDP lets marketers track the events on the website using our no-code event tracker without developers help. To learn more about it, visit the website event tracking of documentation.

If you prefer to use JS code to track the events, you can access the documentation here.

Custom Integrations

Marketers can install custom JS code to trigger events on the client side and trigger callbacks. To learn more, check the documentation here.

Cloud Side Destinations

CustomerLabs CDP can sync the customer data via Cloud to other platforms. We can sync the event data in real-time when the destination cloud platform provides the functionality or else the whole segment can be synced every 24 hours (if you’d like to increase the sync velocity, please contact us. At the moment, we’ll sync with twice in 12 hours).

Real-time events sync

Whenever CustomerLabs receives an event from the source, we’ll enrich the event with related customer information and send the event data to the cloud in real-time.

Few destinations which supports events sync are: Google Analytics (GA4), Facebook server side, Intercom, Drift, Mixpanel, Amplitude

Segments Sync

CustomerLabs allows marketers to create segment of users, and the segments can be synced with destination platforms when that functionality is supported.

These segments are synced with destinations every 24 hours (we can reduce that to 12 hours based on request).

To learn more about segments creation, schema mapping, please see this documentation.

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