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User Roles and Permissions

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User Roles and Permissions

You can invite multiple people from your organization to use the product by inviting them and assigning specific roles. Here’s a step by step explanation on how to invite and assign roles.

1.Login to your CustomerLabs account

2. Click on your account name and navigate to “Account Settings”

3. Once the account setup screen opens, navigate to “Team”

4. You can find a list of existing users. You can invite new people by clicking on “Invite user” at the bottom

5. You will be asked to fill out their “Name”, “Email”, “User Level” and “User Role”

6. After entering their name and email, select the user level. We provide two user levels: Admin and Standard. 

7. Admin: An Admin has full control right from event setup to integrating with multiple tools. Only Admins can add/edit users and assign respective roles for their team members

8. Standard: A Standard user can access all the functionalities of the tool, however will not be able to add/edit users and their roles. 

9. Once all the fields are selected, click “Invite”

10. Once the user has accepted your information, you will be indicated by a green circle instead of red

11. You can remove users by simple selecting the trash icon next to the user

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