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Audiences created in CustomerLabs can be synced with LimeChat as an event – through the Event Sync option. 

By syncing the Audience created in CustomerLabs with LimeChat, an event is created and data is sent to LimeChat through an event. 

Note: Only the data that has phone number as a user trait can be sent to LimeChat. Otherwise, the data won’t be synced with LimeChat and throws an error

Sync audience with LimeChat

1. Before proceeding, make ensure you have integrated your LimeChat account with Customerlabs.

2. Navigate to the Audience page.

Audience screen showing Limechat as an active destination inside CustomerLabs App

3. View the audience created in CustomerLabs that you want to sync with LimeChat or create a new audience if you haven’t created one yet.

4. Navigate to Event Sync tab.

Note: You will have to wait for 30-40 minutes after creating the audience to let it populate before you could enable the sync.

5. Click on Settings  across LimeChat

Event sync dashboard inside Customerlabs showing Limechat destination settings button to see event sync details.

6. Here, the audience is synced with LimeChat through an event. 

Under Event name config dropdown, you can choose to sync using a custom name or you can use the segment name or segment ID

An event is created in LimeChat with the name or ID given here and this audience list is synced at regular intervals with that event.

7. For example, you choose “Custom” from the drop-down and give a name (new_audience) to the custom event → Click on “Save Config” after completing

8. An event is created in LimeChat with the custom name given in step 6. 

Deleting an audience

You can also delete the audience list (event) created on LimeChat by following the steps below:

1. Go to Events Sync tab → LimeChat→ Settings

Limechat event sync setting for the audience segments

2. Click on the Delete icon on the top right corner of the custom audience.

Custom audience segment delete button for limechat audiences

3. Enter the name of the custom audience you want to delete.

4. Click Delete.

The event through which the audience is synced will be deleted from LimeChat.

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