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First-party data drives
your ecommerce growth

First-party data
drives Your
eCommerce Growth

Your store deserves a First-party data CDP, to be the “Best-in-class”

Did you know? “82% of marketing leaders are prioritizing First-party data to create immediate value Read the full Deloitte-commissioned paper for customers”.

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Brands who are part of First-party data revolution with higher audience match rate

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Stay ahead of the curve with CustomerLabs
First-party data CDP

We’ve been voted as #1 world's Most Innovative MarTech for 2023 winning over 13,000+ MarTech Companies.


Only 2% of the brands  like Amazon, Nike are “BEST-IN-CLASS”

Best-in-class brands are realizing the performance benefits from leveraging first-party data.

First-Party data CDP can help you Maximize Ad Performance

Server Side Tracking

Enhance data accuracy and
security through server-side tracking

Train Ad Platforms

Optimize Advantage+ Shopping and Performance Max campaigns using advanced AI technology 

Scale Retargeting Campaigns

Maximize the mid-funnel audience performance and scale them for success

Advanced Privacy 

Have complete control of your First-party data balancing personalization and data privacy using Sentinel.

Advertise Fearlessly!
Thrive Beyond 3P Cookie pocalypse


Send high-intent audience signals
via Server-Side Tracking with a
single click!

Nexor: Destinations – An innovative platform for data sync to various destinations via server side.

Pro-tip : Attract High-LTV Customers with E-Commerce Subscription Data

Oh, It’s easy
to go collect data, with a few clicks


iOS & Privacy Restrictions Are Restricting The Ad
Platforms from Collecting Data​

anonymous and identified user

Begin collecting your First-party
data Now!

Stitcher: An advanced Identity Resolution technology to assist your brand in efficiently collecting and managing IDs.
This enables the creation of detailed profiles for both Anonymous and Known users along with their website and offline behavior.

It is Proven! First-Party audience demonstrates
69% higher likelihood to purchase​

Build Crazy and Dynamic First-party

Nucleus: Audience is the futuristic hub, and helps you create dynamic audiences with a few clicks using an amazing UI.

  • Behavior (Product viewed, add to cart)
  • Product (Category, product attributes)
  • Demography (Geography)
  • AOV Based (High average order value)
  • Low Intent (People who bounce) as exclusions

What Our Customers Say
About Us

What Our Customers Say About us

After implementing CustomerLabs we saw our match rate increase by 70% in a really short period of time. Because of this, we have so much more confidence in our attribution data and our targeting, which has increased our ROAS from ~13x to over 20x. “The CustomerLabs team is a great group to partner with and I couldn’t recommend their solution enough.”

Alli bird, Solar labs

CustomerLabs is our Facebook game-changer. It solved issues with the traditional pixel post iOS changes. With CustomerLabs, we’ve improved targeting, conversion tracking, and retargeting.

Tyler Archer, , SANESolution
Sane solutions

CustomerLabs transformed our data accuracy and ad campaign performance. Server-side event tracking, easy setup, and seamless integration with Facebook and Google Ads. 180-day persistent customer audiences.

Joe Flattery, Sawtooth Media Group

Our customers see a 20% incremental revenue boost

Activate your first-party audience across Ad and marketing platforms


2x Custom Audience Match rates in Ad Platforms

Stitcher, our advanced ID resolution technology provides higher match rates in Meta, TikTok and Google Ads.

Oh Boy! We’ve patented it.

Win customers in the “Messy middle” of the
purchase journey with MoFU Campaigns

First-party audiences convert 4X higher than new audiences in ASC campaigns

Optimize your Advantage+ Shopping and PMax AI strategies by utilizing first-party audience data as integral signals. This targeted approach has led to ASC campaigns achieving a remarkable 4X increase in conversion rates when retargeting first-party audiences.

Increase LTV, by engaging customers across channels

Send audience data to Email and Whatsapp marketing platforms to activate cart abandoners, run re-engagement whatsapp campaigns, and retention campaigns to increase LTV (lifetime value) of your customers.

Scale Remarketing campaigns with reduced CPP and higher ROAS

With higher custom audience match rates, you can reach more audience and reduce your CPP (cost per purchase) while you achieve higher ROAS (return on ad spend).

Privacy! It’s Not A Choice,
A Commitment​

GDPR, CCPA, and Other
Regulations: Ensuring Compliance
in Data Handling

We prioritize your compliance with key regulations like GDPR and CCPA when managing your data.

Sentinel: Our data privacy tool empowers you with full control over the data you choose to share with other platforms, ensuring your operations adhere to the latest privacy standards


E-commerce Playbooks

We’ve been helping over 1500 brands worldwide with various strategies and documenting their success.

Your Business Deserves a CDP

Whether you choose us or not, having a CDP is essential. When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.

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