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Sync the audience with TikTok

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Audiences created in CustomerLabs can be directly synced with TikTok by creating a website custom audience in TikTok Ads Manager. 

These audiences will be synced under the CLabs pixel if you have chosen it while integrating TikTok (Or) If you haven’t chosen the CLabs pixel, these audiences will be synced under the Default pixel chosen while integrating. 

Event Sync (Website custom audience)

By syncing the segment created in CustomerLabs with TikTok through the event sync option, a new custom website audience is created, and data is sent to TikTok through an event. 

Here are the steps to sync the audience with TikTok:

1. Make sure you have integrated TikTok with CustomerLabs by configuring the settings in Destinations → TikTok → Configuration Settings in CustomerLabs.

2. Now, View the segment created in CustomerLabs that you want to sync with TikTok or create a new segment if you haven’t created one yet.

3. Navigate to “Event Sync” tab.

Note: You will have to wait for 30-40 minutes after creating the segment to let it populate before you could enable the sync.

4. Click on “Settings” under TikTok

5. You have to create a custom audience by entering the required details. 

Event name option is to sync the audience with TikTok under this event name. This will enable frequent refreshing of the audience with TikTok through this event which keeps the audience regularly updated.

6. Choose the event name, enter the description as needed, and click Create audience

7. After creating the audience, you can see in which pixel the audience is created in TikTok. 

The custom website audience will be created in TikTok Ads Manager → Assets → Audiences.

8. You can see the green indicator under Audience Sync Status column as a confirmation for the sync. 

9. You can check the logs for audience creation & deletion for TikTok by going to “Event Sync” tab → TikTok Logs.

Deleting an audience

You can delete the custom audience created on TikTok by following the steps below:

1. Go to the Events Sync tab of the segment you want to delete → TikTok → Settings

2. Click on the Delete icon in the top right corner of the custom audience.

3. Enter the name of the custom audience you want to delete.

4. Click Confirm.

The custom audience will be permanently from TikTok.

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