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Fusion: Get the data that you need from any source

Effortlessly collect, integrate, and tailor workflows across multiple data sources including websites, CRM, and more, using CustomerLabs fusion designed for your requirements.

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Privacy! It's not a choice,
a commitment

GDPR, CCPA, and other Regulations: Ensuring compliance in data handling


Fusion collects data using Sentinel, our fully privacy compliant tool for seamless data collection in compliance with data privacy.


How fusion simplifies Data Collection

How fusion simplifies
Data Collection


Single-Click Import

Fusion, our data collection technology makes data collection a breeze—bring in data from any source with a click, in compliance with data privacy.


Customizable Workflows

Tailor your data collection by filtering information based on your specific requirements.


Set Up Real-Time Integrations

Create automated workflows for seamless and real-time data integration across sources


Bring your data from any source seamlessly

Our fusion platform makes data collection a breeze—bring in data from any source with a click.


Real-time behavioral data

Collect real-time conversion data effortlessly using our No-Code Event Tracker.

Anonymous user data :

Gather anonymous user behavior data for comprehensive insights on user behavior.

Server-side tracking :

Enable server-side tracking for enhanced performance and to mitigate audience signal loss

First party data domain :

Own a first-party data domain for enhanced control and management of your data.

Pro-tip: External IDs, GCLID, fbc, fbp, etc., help ad platforms enhance ad performance

CustomerLabs CDP helps you collect data on the server-side through server-side tracking, giving you first-party domain, and collecting anonymous website visitors data. Setup server-side conversion tracking without much efforts using Customerlabs CDP. You can track real-time behavioral event data, on the server-side


Customer User Information :

Connect your CRM to consolidate customer information for streamlined workflows.

Lead Stages Consolidation:

Consolidate qualified lead stages into a single workflow for optimized funnel performance.

Value-Based Campaigns

Collect customer data, including value, to run targeted and personalized campaigns on various ad platforms


Subscription Systems and PoS :

Collect data from Chargebee, Stripe, etc., to train algorithm with CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)

Lead Form Data from Ad platforms :

Collect & automate  lead IDs from forms on Meta, Linkedin & Other Ad platforms to enhance your offline conversions

Excel & CSV file for customer information :

Effortlessly integrate CSV, Excel of historical customer data to streamline your data  in case you do not have a data warehouse or a CRM

Data warehouse :

Eliminate data silos by seamlessly consolidating data from any warehouse into one single place.

Tailored Webhook Solutions :

If you have a custom setup, our tailored webhook solutions have you covered.

Bring in data from any source with a single click 


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