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CustomerLabs CDP+ Facebook Integration

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CustomerLabs CDP+ Facebook Integration

Integrate Facebook with CustomerLabs CDP and sync your audience segments created in CustomerLabs with Facebook through events by creating a custom audience. Using this, you can retarget your high-intent audience based on their behavioral data with personalized ads.

Here are the steps to integrate Facebook:


Recommended Authentication

To connect your Facebook Ad account via our recommended authentication, you need to have admin access to your Facebook Business Manager account to create a system user. 

This authentication is recommended to avoid discrepancies in data sharing with Facebook in cases of the authenticated account’s password is changed or any other manual update is done on the Facebook Ad account that disrupts the authentication.

1. Login to your CustomerLabs account.

2. Navigate to Facebook from Menu → Destinations.

3. Click on Enable and go to Configuration Settings

4. Authenticate by clicking on Authenticate Facebook account.

5. You will be redirected to choose the business manager account and other assets.

6. Select Business Manager account.

7. Select Business Asset Group

Note: If you don’t have a business asset group, create one to authorize CustomerLabs to add a system user that enables CustomerLabs to seamlessly work without any issues even when there are any updates or changes (like password changes) that disrupt Facebook authentication.

Business asset group is a collection of assets like pages, Ad accounts, pixels, Instagram accounts, etc. managed by business admins to give access collectively to individual people. Click here to know how to create an asset group. While adding assets when creating an asset group, you can add your Ad account to the asset group for now. 

8. Select the Ad account that you want to connect

9. Choose pixel from the drop-down.

10. Click Submit

11. Click Save Changes

12. Turn on the toggle for Send data via server-side if you would wish to send the data via server. (It is advisable to do so to track better)

13. Click on Save Changes if you have made an update in Step 12.

Not Recommended Authentication

We don’t recommend connecting your Facebook account through this way of authentication. But if you don’t have admin access to your Facebook Business Manager account, you can connect your Facebook account using this authentication method to integrate your pixel and start sending data.

1. In CustomerLabs, under Destinations → Facebook → Configurations Settings, you will see Not Recommended authentication. Click on it to authenticate your Facebook account.

2. Choose Facebook Ad account

3. Choose pixel from the drop-down

4. Click Submit

5. Click Save Changes.

Updating configuration or authentication details

If you want to change any of the details such as Ad account, pixel, Business manager account, etc after authentication, you can do so by clicking on the Reauthenticate Facebook account button and update the details.

If you have already connected Facebook account through the old authentication way, you can change and connect via the new recommended authentication method by clicking near “Recommended Authentication

Setup Event Workflow

After authentication of your Facebook account, you need to set up the event workflow configuration to send your events and sync your audience segments with Facebook.

1. Go to Destinations → Facebook → Setup event workflow in your CustomerLabs account.

2. Click on “enable all server-side callbacks” to send all the events to Facebook. This is suggested to give a better Event Match Quality (EMQ)

3. After creating an audience in CustomerLabs, turn on the toggle for all the “added_to_segment” events to send the audiences to Facebook (Note: If you would want to use “removed_from_segment”, turn on the toggle for those events also) 

Based on the minimum refresh interval you have given for any of the audience segments created in CustomerLabs, the “added_to_segment” event gets refreshed on Facebook. 

You can choose to send all the events like pageview, purchased, added_to_cart, etc to Facebook by turning the toggle on for all the events or if you want to send only the segments to Facebook, you can turn on the toggle for “added_to_segment” event only.

Note: It may approximately take 24-48 hours for the added_to_segment event to get populated on Facebook.

4. Click on “Save changes” once you are done with the setup. 

5. You have now integrated Facebook with your CustomerLabs account.

After integrating, you can sync the audience segments created in CustomerLabs with Facebook as an event using the “added_to_segment”. Click here → Sync your audience with Facebook.

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