Nexor Sync First-party data with any marketing tools seamlessly

Sync enriched real-time Customer data with any marketing tools for maximizing campaign performance
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Streamline your
First-Party Data flow to your chosen destinations

Automate data sync with Single-Click 

Nexor enables you to send first party data to any marketing tool with a single click

Enhancing audience quality

Use Fusion to collect multi-source data, Stitcher unifies it for enhance audience quality

Tailored data destinations

Take control of your data flow with Sentinel and Nexor—your choice, our seamless delivery

Secure data transformation

Send your data to any destination in compliance with data privacy law

Real-Time data monitoring

Monitor your data outflow in real time using our logs manager for instant updates

No matter what your destination,
We will send data

Our Nexor platform makes sending data like a breeze — Send first party data to destination with a click.

Ad Platform

Send first-party data via server-side

Send your First-Party data to ad platforms seamlessly and address signal loss concerns

Ad Platform

Send offline conversion data

Report back the offline conversions from your CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot to Ad platforms for enhanced attribution



Send data to analytics

Send your first party data to analytics platform like google analytics, looker studio to unlock insights on your audience performance

Data warehouse

Data warehouse

Send your customer data to data warehouses like BigQuery, Snowflake for encashing advanced machine learning, data modeling and deeper customer insights


Email Tools

Push data to email marketing platforms

Send your customer data to your email marketing platform and activate your customers with personalized campaigns


Tailored callback solutions

If you have a specific destination in mind, just say it and our customized callback solutions help you activate that audience on any destination of your choice.


Send data to any destination with a single click


Privacy! It's not a choice,
a commitment

GDPR, CCPA, and Other Regulations: Ensuring Compliance in Data Handling

Nexor activates audience data using Sentinel, our fully privacy compliant tool, with help of Nexor,  for seamless data activation in compliance with data privacy.


Your business
Deserves a CDP

Whether you choose us or not, having a CDP is essential. When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.

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