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Introducing No-Code Event Tracker

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No-Code Event Tracker helps marketers collect rich & contextual information about their website visitors without depending on their developers.

What can you do with No-Code Event Tracker

  1. Track website user events such as page views, button or link clicks, form submissions, products added to cart, purchases & more
  2. Add rich contextual information by collecting properties for your events such as details about your product, form fields or any other metadata
  3. Select a common identifier so that the system continues to associate new & updated user data such as full name, company, address & much more
  4. Sync the wholistic customer data to any tool in your martech stack to boost marketing effectiveness

How to setup No-Code Event Tracker 

  1. Post signing up, click on ‘Connect your website’ to get the Javascript tracking code. Past the tracking code on the head tag of your website. 
  2. On the home page, click on ‘Track events on your website’. This will launch the No-Code Event Tracker on your website. 
  3. Set up the events that you want to track based on your use case. 
  4. Debug the events that you’ve tracked by clicking the ‘Verify event data’ on the home page  
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