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Sync the audience with Google Analytics (GA4)

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Sync the audience with Google Analytics (GA4)

Audiences created in CustomerLabs can be sent to Google Analytics (GA4) as an event by creating a custom audience. Currently, we don’t support syncing the audience as a customer list with Google Analytics but it is possible with Google Adwords.

Follow the steps below to sync the segment with Google Analytics (GA4):

1. Make sure you have integrated Google Analytics (GA4) with CustomerLabs by configuring the settings in Destinations → Google Analytics gtag → Configuration Settings in CustomerLabs.

2. Also go to Destinations → Google Analytics gtag → Setup Event workflow → Turn on the toggle for all “added_to_segment” events. (Note: If you would want to use “removed_from_segment”, turn on the toggle for those events) – Based on the minimum refresh interval you have given for any of the audiences, the event gets refreshed on Analytics.

Note: It may approx. take 24-48 hours for the added_to_segment event to get updated on Analytics.

3. Create a custom audience in Google Analytics by logging into your Analytics account → Configure → Audiences → New Audience → Create a custom audience.

4. Choose “Events” → “added_to_segment” from the list of conditions.

5. Add the parameter as “segment_name” and give the name of the segment that needs to be synced. (Note: Segment name is case sensitive, so mention the name as it is there in CustomerLabs)

6. Give the “Membership Duration” as required.

7. Include or exclude more people as required and give a name and description for the audience.

8. Click “Save”

The segment created in CustomerLabs will be synced with the new audience created here and it will be refreshed regularly based on the refresh interval given for the segment.

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