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Performance CDP built for agencies to maximize Ad performance using First-party data

Gather first-party data, scale retargeting, and increase client ad revenue, despite third-party cookie loss, Apple privacy changes, while prioritizing user privacy

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#1 world's Most Innovative MarTech for 2023

winning over 11,000+ MarTech Companies.

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Everyone deserves a CDP & so does your agency!

Let’s work and grow together to Drive high performance for your clients using CustomerLabs CDP

E-Commerce business

20% more incremental revenue for your Clients!

Activate first-party data across ad platforms to drive maximum performance for your Clients
  • Higher EMQ (event match quality) by restoring audience signals.
  • Get 2-3X times higher custom audience match rate.
  • Increase your ROAS by scaling retargeting campaigns with high-intent audience data.
  • Achieve 4-5X times conversions by powering Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns with first-party data.
15% extra revenue with First- party data

E-Commerce Brand
Founder, Lead Widget


Lead gen business

Get high quality leads at reduced CPL!

Unify user behavior data across multiple sources and optimize the campaign for higher conversions.

  • Connect CRM, PoS system, offline conversion data, CSV files & other sources to build unified user profiles using stitcher, our advanced ID resolution technology
  • Get High-value customer by implementing value-based audience strategy
  • Reduce CPL (cost per lead) and increase opportunity leads
  • Expand top funnel by creating high-quality lookalikes with rich seed audience
Increased the lead count on tofu with decreased CPL
Insurance Brand
Founder, Lead Widget

Real data, Real results


What our partners say
about us

After implementing CustomerLabs we saw our match rate increase by 70% in a really short period of time. Because of this, we have so much more confidence in our attribution data and our targeting, which has increased our ROAS from ~13x to over 20x. “The CustomerLabs team is a great group to partner with and I couldn’t recommend their solution enough.”

Alli bird, Solar labs

CustomerLabs is our Facebook game-changer. It solved issues with the traditional pixel post iOS changes. With CustomerLabs, we’ve improved targeting, conversion tracking, and retargeting.

Tyler Archer, , SANESolution
Sane solutions

CustomerLabs transformed our data accuracy and ad campaign performance. Server-side event tracking, easy setup, and seamless integration with Facebook and Google Ads. 180-day persistent customer audiences.

Joe Flattery, Sawtooth Media Group

Your business
Deserves a CDP

Whether you choose us or not, having a CDP is essential. When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.

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