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Sentinel: Your Fortress of Privacy in a Data-Driven world

Say goodbye to privacy concerns and bridge the gap between user privacy and digital marketing effortlessly.

Stay Compliant, Stay Protected

With Sentinel, you can be confident that your data collection, identifier activation, and other marketing practices are compliant with all major data privacy regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and SOC2

Your Customer Data, Your Terms

Ethical data

Ethical Data Collection Made Easy:

DIY with Fusion :

Craft data collection based on your specific privacy policies and user consent guidelines.

Granular event control :

Decide precisely what event data to collect, what identifiers to include, and what data to be shared thus minimizing privacy risks.

User deletion at your fingertips :

Empower users with instant and permanent data removal, respecting their right to erasure.


Data Activation

Behavioural Data Collection

When sharing event data with external platforms, our CDP anonymizes the data,  replacing it with unique identifiers or hashed values. This minimizes the risk of privacy violations while providing valuable insights.

Audience activation

Responsible Audience Activation:

Granular control :

Choose exactly what data to include in your audiences, ensuring adherence to regulations.

HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR friendly :

Share only compliant data with marketing platforms, eliminating privacy concerns.

No PII in audiences:

Target your ideal customers using anonymized segments without revealing individual identities.

realtime upd

Real-Time log

Real-time log updates

Access real-time log entries to check and review the event or audience data shared among different platforms. Ensure transparency and facilitate easy debugging.

Your business
Deserves a CDP

Whether you choose us or not, having a CDP is essential. When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.


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