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What is CustomerLabs CDP?

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CustomerLabs CDP is an easy-to-use Customer Data Platform that helps digital marketers track, unify, segment and sync their customer data with their existing marketing tools in real-time. 

The platform enables marketers who have minimal access to developers and data analysts to easily collect customer data from multiple sources, identify them and consolidate all the data in one place to create a unified view of each customer to retarget them with personalized marketing campaigns. 

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How CustomerLabs CDP works?

CustomerLabs CDP helps you collect data from various sources like your website, CRM, Marketing Automation tools, Servers, or any other platforms where customers interact and structure data in real-time to build a unified customer profile. This allows you to segment the audience in a meaningful way based on behavioral, demographic, and transactional data and send it to your destinations which are basically ad platforms, email marketing platforms, etc.

CustomerLabs CDP plays a major role in collecting the behavioral data of your website visitors and activating them on ad platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, etc.

The website visitor data is of two types, 

  • Known user data (Users who have email address, phone number, first name, last name, etc)
  • Anonymous user data
    (Users without any basic identifiers like email, phone number, etc)

CustomerLabs CDP identifies anonymous users based on certain parameters such as browser id, click id, IP address, etc., and sends them to the destinations. In order to enhance match quality with the destination, external ids are collected that helps in identifying the users with the highest probability. 

Key features of CustomerLabs CDP:

1. Data ingestion – First-Party Audience

CustomerLabs CDP helps you collect First-Party Audience data, which means collecting data directly from web tracking tools, website, marketing automation platform, CRM, or Server, etc. that holds the most accurate user information. The data is of two types known and anonymous users. CustomerLabs CDP collects both anonymous and known user data.

2. No-Code Customer Data Platform

In many scenarios, tracking a user’s event means configuring javascript code, however, CustomerLabs CDP is a No-Code Customer Data Platform that helps you collect rich & contextual information about their website visitors using No-Code Event Tracker without depending on the developers.

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3. Builds a unified customer profile

Duplicate customer profiles that may impact relevancy are removed and CustomerLabs CDP helps you build a unified view of each customer. 

4. Increasing Operational efficiency through simple segmentation

CustomerLabs CDP allows you to segment the audience in a meaningful way and send them to destinations. This allows you to focus on driving more effective campaigns and show relevant ads to the customers.

Check out how audience segmentation works!

5. Improves Customer lifetime value

Customer lifetime value represents the income a business can expect to generate from customers. CustomerLabs CDP gives you the ability to identify high-potential customers and serve personalized customer experiences. 

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