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With CustomerLabs+Maropost Integration, you can send the user behavioral data tracked in CustomerLabs as an audience list to Maropost to utilize for message personalization with dynamic content and smart scheduling.

Steps to connect Maropost with CustomerLabs

Basic settings

1. Log in to your CustomerLabs account

2. Navigate to Destinations → Maropost Enable

maropost in destination. Connect Maropost with CustomerLabs CDP

3. Log in to your Maropost account that you want to integrate with CustomerLabs

4. Navigate to Settings Account & Billing Company Information

maropost settings in the Maropost Marketing Cloud dashboard

5. Copy the Account ID 

account id

6. Go to CustomerLabs → Maropost → Click Configuration Settings → Paste the Account ID copied from your Maropost account in the box as shown in the image below → Save changes

paste account id

7. Go back to your Maropost Account → Settings → API Keys → Add key

api keys
add api key

8. While adding the key, make sure you have given the permissions for “Contacts” & “FTP” → Save the key

permission for api

9. After saving, copy the “Key URL” and go to CustomerLabs account → Destinations → Maropost → Configuration settings

copy api token

10. Paste the Key URL in the box below “Account token” as shown in the image  → Save changes.

paste api token

Now, the basic authentication is done.

Advanced settings

Advanced settings (SFTP access is required) must be updated to sync the audience list to Maropost seamlessly.

1. Go to your Maropost account → Settings → SFTP access 

sftp access

2. Copy the Host, Username, Password and Port

copy sftp access

3. Go to CustomerLabs → Destinations → MaropostAdvanced Settings

4. Paste the copied Host, Username, Password and Port in the respective boxes as shown below → Save Changes

paste sftp access

The configuration is done. You have now integrated Maropost with CustomerLabs. 

Now, refer to this document to sync the audience list with Maropost.

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