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CustomerLabs + Google Adwords Integration

Track conversions on Google Adwords with a few clicks. You can track the conversions based on button clicks, page views, form submits and other triggers. CustomerLabs Action Recorder helps you track conversions and build custom audience based on user actions on your website for deeper engagement without writing a single line of code.

1. Login to your CustomerLabs account

2. Navigate to the “Integrations” section on the home page and select it

3. You will be taken to integrations page

4. Search and select Google Adwords from the list

5. You will see a pop up screen

6. Click on “Subscribe” and then click on “Configuration settings”

7. The list of events which you had previously configured using CustomerLabs Action Recorder appears here under the “Action name”, you can choose your preferred action from the list (Let’s consider “Added to cart” in this instance)

 8. Select “Added to cart” and click on “Adwords Tracking Code”

9. Now copy and paste the Google Adwords Tracking Tag of the selected event (Added to cart)

10. To create one, open your Adwords account, Go to tools > Conversion > New conversion action. 

11. Create your conversion action as an event which you would like to send from Action Recorder to Google Adwords

12. Now, click on your action name. You will find the tracking tag of your specific action. 

13. Copy and paste the Google Adwords tracking tag under the basic setting of CustomerLabs Action Recorder. 

14. Click on “Save” once you are done.

15. You have now integrated your Google AdWords with CustomerLabs.

16. If you’re still facing facing issues, get in touch with our team by clicking on the chat icon on the lower right corner. We will set up all your events for free 🙂

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