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Send Offline Conversions from

CRM to Ad platforms with No-Code CDP

Bring in leads seamlessly from your CRM or other sources. Unify your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and transmit it to Ad platforms for precise attribution.
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Stay ahead of the curve with CustomerLabs
First-party data CDP

We’ve been voted as

#1 world's Most Innovative MarTech for 2023

winning over 11,000+ MarTech Companies.


Businesses that integrate their first-party data and activate it across the whole lead-to-sale journey achieve an increase of 20% in revenue and 30% in cost efficiency.

Hassle-Free GCLID collection


Collect GCLID effortlessly using CustomerLabs eliminating storage concerns

Identify Users post-conversion through CRM emails for unified and hassle-free attribution

Look Beyond Clicks –
Optimize Bottom Funnel Campaigns For

High-Value leads

Look beyond clicks – optimize bottom funnel
campaigns for High-value leads

Send your Offline Conversion data to Ad platforms without import or export

  • Sync first-party data IDs to help ad platforms match the users accurately.
  • Unify GCLID and email ID, post-conversion, and send back conversion data to Facebook and Google effortlessly.
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Boost Your Conversion Accuracy with Enhanced Conversions

Utilise enhanced conversions to send hashed customer data like email or phone numbers providing a much more accurate and secure way to match online clicks with offline conversions for improved conversion accuracy.

Unlock more bidding options with enhanced conversions


Advanced Bidding Strategies: Unlock powerful automated bidding options like target ROAS and target CPA, allowing you to optimize bids for specific offline conversion goals.


Assign deal value to your customers to drive High-quality leads

Optimize your business results effortlessly by inputting precise conversion values, allowing automated bid strategies to dynamically adjust bids for superior performance in campaigns, ad groups, and keywords, focusing on key metrics such as revenue, profit, or lifetime value.

Your business
Deserves a CDP

Whether you choose us or not, having a CDP is essential. When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.

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