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This Change Log serves as a source to comprehensively record all modifications, enhancements, and features added over a period of time. This helps us to track the development progress and maintains transparency for all the stakeholders involved. Additionally, this acts as a source for historical analysis.

April 2024

April 08, 2024
  • First-Party Domain Tracking – CustomerLabs offers comprehensive domain ownership tracking across all e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and non-Shopify. This functionality is included in all subscription plans, for both Agency and Growth Accounts.
  • Monitoring – Enhanced Destination Logs usability by enabling sorting based on ‘Triggered at’ and ‘Processed at’ timestamps.
April 01, 2024
  • Defect resolutions – Implemented a functionality update in Google Ads and Google Analytics to ensure the ‘Save Changes’ button is enabled only when modifications are made to the Destination configuration settings.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 -IP address and user agent information are crucial for achieving EMQ. Following our support for IPv4, we’ve now extended the functionality for IPv6.

March 2024

March 25, 2024
  • First Party Domain Tracking – The introduction of First Party Domain Tracking has empowered businesses to efficiently include domains and subdomains to counter adblockers on websites, ensuring retention of server-side cookie data.
  • Facebook Audience Sync – CustomerLabs now allows users to modify the custom audience name with an autogenerated Segment ID, a custom name, or to retain the Audience name to enhance audience identification in Facebook Audience Sync. Additionally, the “Exclude Audience” checkbox enables a particular audience to be tailored thus increasing the efficiency of custom audiences sent to Facebook.
  • Event Initialisation – Event tracking is now triggered directly upon execution of the tracking code JavaScript file, removing the delay for initialization.


  • Audience Dashboard – Users can now save the audiences in Drafts and activate them later from Archive Audiences. The Audience page now showcases extra details such as active destinations, audience size, and various other insights.
  • Integrations – CustomerLabs now enables integrations with Meta CRM Pixel, Jotform, KickBox, Maropost, and LimeChat.
  • Compliance & Privacy
    • Meta’s Limited Data Use – CustomerLabs now facilitates Meta’s limited data use by complying with various US State privacy regulations.
    • Google Consent Mode – CustomerLabs also enables Google Consent Mode to the UK and EEA users balancing Ads and privacy.
  • Advantage+Shopping Campaigns – CustomerLabs audiences can be synchronized directly with Facebook through a convenient toggle switch, enabling their effective use in the Advantage+Shopping campaign.
  • Accounts console – CustomerLabs now has an accounts console for managing accounts, users, and performing essential actions. This also serves as an Agency Management System and Account Management System for Agency plan subscribers and non-Agency plan subscribers respectively.
  • Custom Branding for Agency Accounts – CustomerLabs now provides branding customization tailored for agency accounts.
  • Destination Logs – The Destination Logs offer a thorough perspective on event data logs, providing insights into the status and processing details of data transmitted across different integrated destinations.
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