Train ad algorithms with your
First-party data &
get high-value customers

Train ad algorithms with your
First-party data &
get high-value customers

Collect first-party data, train ad algorithms, and optimize for high-value conversions using first-party  data.

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Streamlined marketing operations with
Customerlabs CDP

we’ve been voted as #1 world's Most Innovative MarTech for 2023 winning over 13,000+ MarTech Companies.

No more data silos
Real-time data infrastructure for enhancing campaign performance!


Effortlessly integrate customer data across marketing tools

Track user behavior insights and customer journey

Maximize LTV (lifetime value) by training the ad algorithms with customer value

Full-funnel campaign
Optimization with Customerlabs CDP


Track conversions on the website with a few clicks.​

No Code Event Tracker – Our easy-to-use website event tracker helps track conversions on the website with a few clicks.
Tracking form conversions, page visits or the form details, it’s quite easy.
Few clicks and you’re good to go!

Send offline conversions to ad platforms

Nexor: An innovative platform to sync your data via server-side to various destinations.
  • Google Offline Conversions (Link)
  • Enhanced Conversions
  • Facebook CAPI (Link)
  • Linkedin CAPI (Link)
click conversions

Enhance lead quality with CRM lead value data

Help Meta, Google, LinkedIn and other ad platform algorithms and AI understand the value of your customers better by sending the funnel data with lead value. 
Sending lead data with value will help you grow your business using:
  • Value-based bidding and ROAS optimization
  • Facebook Conversion Lead Ads

Create high-intent audience segment based on pageviews

Nucleus: Audience is the futuristic hub, and helps you create dynamic audiences with a few clicks using an amazing UI.

  • High Intent (People who visited pricing, solution)
  • Low Intent (People who bounce) as exclusions
  • High Value (To create lookalike)

High-quality seed audience for lookalike campaigns​

Assign value to your high-intent users and sync it with ad platforms to build high-quality lookalike audiences.

Scale Re-warming campaigns with reduced CPO (cost per opportunity)

Higher custom audience match rates help you expand your audience net hence reducing your CPL (cost per lead) drastically.


Maximize efficiency of your email campaigns through hyper-segmented audience segmentation​

Sync your customized audience segments with any marketing automation platform to run personalized email campaigns.

Send data to any analytics tool & data warehouse for performance insights and behavior prediction

Connect your data with analytics platforms like Google Analytics, to analyze your marketing campaigns and with Data Warehouse like BigQuery to predict user lifetime value and behavior.


Privacy! It’s not a choice,
a commitment

GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations: ensuring compliance in Data Handling​

We prioritize your compliance with key regulations like GDPR and CCPA when managing your data

Sentinel: Our data privacy tool empowers you with full control over the data you choose to share with other platforms, ensuring your operations adhere to the latest privacy standards

Saas playbooks

We've been helping over 1500 brands worldwide with various strategies and documenting their success

Your SaaS business
deserves a CDP

When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.

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