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Stitcher, The advanced identity resolution technology for you

Experience seamless cohesion of customer data fragments using our advanced identity resolution technology – Stitcher. We collect external IDs, merge effortlessly, and unify your customer journey for a personalized and enriched customer experience.

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The art of profiling
in a privacy-conscious era

Cookieless user profiling

With a focus on privacy, we utilize server-side data collection and first-party data profiling to craft a thorough user journey, all while recognizing the growing importance of External IDs as third-party cookies like fbclid, gclid, and others diminish. This approach strikes a balance between ad optimization efficacy and user privacy.


The Power of Stitcher

 Future-proof profiling in a privacy-first landscape



Data Ingestion and Integration

Experience the seamless integration of data from multiple sources,
creating a unified customer profile.


Identity graph Matching Algorithms

Identity matching algorithms compare data points across disparate sources to accurately match identities, enabling reliable profile stitching.


Creating Unified Customer Profiles

Connect the dots for a 360-degree Customer View, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each customer.


Real-Time Updates

Ensure timely and relevant customer information by leveraging real-time updates.


Privacy and Security Measures

Safeguard customer data with our robust protocols, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security.

Stitcher’s Full funnel marketing mastery unveiled

Achieve precision in your campaigns, enhancepersonalization and boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

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Reliable data for Server-Side Integration

Advanced matching algorithms
accurately identify and merge user profiles, enhancing the reliability of integrated data.

Offline Conversion Data Merging 

Unify user profiles by merging user identifiers like Lead ID and Gclid from offline conversions to maximize overall performance

Enhancing Facebook Ads with EMQ

Stitcher leverages identifiers like external IDs and browser cookies to boost event match quality score, enabling more precise targeting on Facebook.

Enable enhanced attributions

Stitcher’s unified 360deg profiles enhance attribution through session recording and enrichment.

Track lifetime value over channels/ devices

Identity resolution stitches together customer interactions,  letting you track their Lifetime Value across everytouchpoint, 
from first click to loyal fan.

Full funnel tracking

Achieve full-funnel tracking by identifying users, stitching profiles, connecting touchpoints for targeting, attributions and enhancing the overall campaign performance.

Unraveling Deeper Insights with Analytics

Make informed decisions by using stitcher’s data for deeper insights through your analytics systems.

Your Business Deserves a CDP

Whether you choose us or not, having a CDP is essential. When you choose us, we will not be your vendor, but partner in your first-party data journey.

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