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Shopify Implementation Guide

Follow these steps to start tracking events from the Shopify server

1. Copy CustomerLabs Tag and paste it under the header section in liquid.theme.

2. Login to the CustomerLabs Website, click on the events manager to copy the “tag”

Customerlabs tag

3. Then go to your shopify account and click on “Online Stores” and click on actions → edit code

Facebook Conversions API

4. Then search for “/head” and paste the CustomerLabs code in the header section and save.

Shopify Theme.liquid install customerlabs code

5. Create a new snippet and name it as “cl_default_ecommerce_events”

Create a shopify snippet

5.a. Copy the entire script from cl_default_ecommerce_events in github and paste it under the new snippet created and save them.


6. Now, copy this include tag → {% include “cl_default_ecommerce_events” %} and paste it below CustomerLabs Tag in both theme.liquid and checkout.liquid(if Shopify plus)

7. To track purchase events from the browser side, make the following changes (only if required)

👉 Copy the CustomerLabs tag and then click on settings → checkout → order processing → additional scripts.

👉 Paste the CustomerLabs code and followed by script in Github (cl_default_ecommerce_events)” copy the entire script and paste on the additional scripts and save the action.

Facebook Conversions API

To track add_payment_info, make following changes (only if required)


8. Go to CustomerLabs, click on Sources → Custom source → give the source name as “Shopify Webhook” and then copy the URL

Shopify implementation

9. Now go to the Shopify store , go to settings → Notifications → Webhooks → Create a new Webhook

facebook conversions API

10. Now paste the URL copied

11. Select the event as “Checkouts (checkouts/update)”

12.  Select format as “JSON”

13. Select version as “Latest version”

14. Save the changes.

15. And then go to the CustomerLabs, click on → I have installed code → Allow URL 

facebook conversions API
Shopify Implementation
Shopify Implementation

For Facebook configuration


1. Log in to CustomberLabs

2. Click on destinations and select “Facebook”

Shopify mplementation

3. Copy your Facebook pixel id. And then continue with Facebook which redirects you to Facebook page. 

shopify implementation

4. Authenticate Facebook and switch on the server-side send data

facebook conversions API

5.Now to setup the workflow → Setup Action workflow

Shopify Implementation

6. Click on “enable all server side callbacks”

Facebook Conversions API

7. Now, you have to uninstall Pixel from your Shopify account to avoid sending duplicate events to Facebook. 

8. Log into your Shopify account and go to Online store –> Preferences –> Facebook , where you have to remove the Pixel  


Uninstall pixel from Shopify store

9. Then, go to Facebook on your Shopify account –> Data Sharing Settings –> disable the “customer data sharing”

Uninstalling pixel from Shopify Store

Just incase if you missed the steps, check out the video manual “how to uninstall Shopify and Facebook Pixel”

And yayy. You’re done!!!

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