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CustomerLabs is on a journey to help Small & Medium Businesses with MarTech support, knowledge on Ads and everything in the digital space. Publishing your articles with us helps all the businesses out there who are looking for tips & recommendations to grow in the digital space.



Content Guidelines:  Your blogs can be on anything from digital marketing, eCommerce, LeadGen, SaaS, to B2B and related to growth of Small & Medium Businesses.


Refer to the content guidelines and stick strictly to them. Download pdf


Submission Guidelines: Submit the file as a Google Doc with edit access open to anyone or a .doc file only. PDFs or Non-editable/read-only formats will not be accepted to be published.


CustomerLabs Inc., is a  SaaS organization offering Customer Data Platform services with its headquarters in Delaware, USA. With next-generation technology, CustomerLabs is the best real-time No-Code CDP, empowering small and medium businesses with the power of data.

CustomerLabs helps eCommerce, SaaS, B2B, & all other digital marketers & businesses by collecting data in compliance with data privacy laws. Moving forward, CustomerLabs envisions complete automation in the field of MarTech & AdTech to become the one-stop solution for all the needs of Marketing & Advertising for all Media Ad Buyers.

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