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Build hyper-personalized audience segments using Nucleus,
The audience builder for you

Build hyper-personalized audience segments using Nucleus, The audience
builder for you

Create targeted segments based on user interactions, on the website and in the real world, including cart behavior, to run hyper-personalized campaigns for maximized performance.

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We were amazed with the flexibility CustomerLabs offered us to curate audience segments and build it our way. It has given us full freedom to go beyond the traditional way of marketing on Ad platforms
Asim Ali, Marketing Manager, Fateh Education

Industry best use-cases for custom audience builder​
using First-Party data



Activate First-Party data on ad platforms to drive higher results for your business.


Segments based on higher AOV

  • Achieve higher ROAS by targeting your high-value buyers. 
  • Explore options of creating lookalikes of these high-value audiences by pushing them to ad platforms.


Segment your cart abandoners ​

Retarget your cart abandoners with personalized offers to increase sales.


Segments audiences for upselling and cross-selling strategies​

Create a segment of frequent shoppers and show offers to increase customer life-time value.


Segment based on specific product-viewed or special offer page​

Run a hyper-targeted ad campaign for people who have visited your best-selling product.


Segment previous year's x-mas audience this season again​

Consolidate high-quality traffic of your last year’s Christmas website visitors and activate them this year.


Segment users who viewed product or pages more than two times​

Run a hyper-targeted ad campaign for people who have visited your best-selling product.

Lead generation

Unify user behavior data across multiple sources to optimize Ad campaigns for higher conversions


Segment your high-intent page visitors​

Segment those who visited pricing, specific blogs, and solution pages to retarget them with relevant ads for increased conversions.


Segment based on CRM lead stages​

Consolidate cold lead stage and run rewarming campaigns for those
audiences across platforms.


Segment based on user traits​

Create segments based on industry, demographic, deal amount, and bottom-funnel campaign.


Segment based on custom form field​

Choose users based on specific field in your form and segment those users to run personalized campaigns.


Segment based on behavior​

Create segments for scroll %, button clicks, views, specific demographic details and target them with personalized campaigns


Segment user based on full-funnel behavior​

Based on the stage of the funnel, push your audiences down the funnel, with personalized targeting to finally convert them into happy customers.


Level up your audience
segmentation game!

Nucleus lets you build audiences segments of your own imagination without much hustle.

Unlock hidden gems: Unveiling audience building strategies for

Hyper-personalized outreach by Nucleus


Outreach by Nucleus

A/B test your audience segments to see which audience has higher conversions.


Create rich lookalikes using customized audience segments to get attract highly relevant traffic to your website.

Exclude irrelevant audience segments. Exclusion is the key for targeting and controlling ad spend.

Privacy It's not a choice,
a commitment

GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations: ensuring compliance in data handling

We prioritize your compliance with key regulations like GDPR and CCPA when managing your data. 

Our Sentinel: Privacy tool empowers you with full control over the data you choose to share with other platforms, ensuring your operations adhere to the latest privacy standards.
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