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CustomerLabs + Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics gives you the high level picture of what’s happening on your website. You can figure out which channels are bringing the users, how they are engaging with your website, create user segments to understand better by integrating with CustomerLabs. CustomerLabs Action Recorder will help you set up goal conversions, product data and ecommerce transactions with a few clicks without any developer assistance.

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account

2. Click the account chooser

3. Note down your Google Analytics ID

4. Login to your CustomerLabs account 

5. Navigate to the “Integrations” section on the home page and select it

6. You will be taken to integrations page

7. Search and select Google Analytics from the list

8. Click on Subscribe and then on Configuration settings

9. Paste the tracking ID in the box below

10. You have now integrated Google Analytics with your CustomerLabs account

11. If you’re still facing facing issues, get in touch with our team by clicking on the chat icon on the lower right corner. We will set up all your events for free 🙂

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