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Retarget those anonymous users you care about

Nurture your anonymous visitors with relevant content

iconImplementation time : 1 hour

By deploying this playbook you will be able to effectively nurture your anonymous website visitors with relevant content and boost conversions.

The Blueprint


The 6 steps involved in this process are as follows, 

  1. Integrate your website & Google Analytics account with CustomerLabs CDP. 
  2. Setup relevant events that will help you uncover your users journey
  3. An example event setup can be Viewed features Explored SaaS solution Downloaded Playbook Viewed Demo Viewed Pricing
  4. You can segment the users as who took these particular actions to hypothesize their industry, intent and their lifecycle stage in Google Analytics
  5. Customer information for that segment will be captured & updated by CustomerLabs CDP
  6. Using the Google Analytics and Google Adwords integration, you can use the created segment as a target list for your next SaaS related article. 

The Process

Step 1: Integrate CustomerLabs CDP with your website & Google Analytics

This playbook is an extension of how you can use event tracking to your advantage. See how you can integrate CustomerLabs CDP with your website & Google Analytics and track events in this playbook.

Step 2: Understand behavior & lifecycle stage of your anonymous visitors in GA

Post all the setup, you will be able to view the entire list of events in Google Analytics. Based on the event data you can hypothesize, user industry or lifecycle stage they are in. For example, users who have only consumed SaaS related on your content such as Explored SaaS solution — Downloaded SaaS Playbook —  Downloaded SaaS Case study 1 will have a higher probability of consuming your upcoming SaaS content

Step 3: Create relevant user segments & send them to Google Ads

Group your anonymous visitors in Google Analytics as shown below.

Source this segment to Google Ads to create relevant ads


  • Don’t miss on the opportunity to retarget the majority of your website visitors 
  • Increase content engagement rates by increasing the number of channels

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