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Stop wasted ad spend

Exclude your junk leads while targeting lookalike audiences

iconImplementation time : 1 hour

By implementing this playbook you will be able to send your CRM data to Facebook & Google Ads to create a suppression list so that you never target your junk or unqualified leads again. 

The Blueprint

Flowchart showing how to sync data from CRM and website into CustomerLabs Customer Data Platform and send the junk leads as an exclusion while creating a lookalike audience on Facebook and Google Ads Demand Gen Campaign

The 9 steps involved in this process are as follows, 

  1. Integrate CustomerLabs CDP with your CRM
  2. Post setup, CustomerLabs CDP will receive CRM data when specific events (lead status change, activities etc.) occur in your CRM 
  3. The CDP will combine both online (website) and offline (CRM) user information
  4. You will now be able to create your segment named “Junk leads” in the CDP
  5. This segment will be updated as and when new users are added to this stage in your CRM
  6. Now add Facebook and Google Ads destinations in the CDP
  7. CustomerLabs CDP will now send the created “Junk leads” segment to Facebook and Google Ads
  8. During ad setup for your lead generation campaigns in Facebook, add the “Junk leads” to the custom exclusion list
  9. During ad setup for your search or display campaigns in Google Ads, add the “Junk leads” to the custom exclusion list

The Process

Step 1: Integrate CustomerLabs CDP with your CRM

There are two steps involved in the setup. 

  1. Integrating website with the CDP. See how you setup event tracking in CustomerLabs CDP
  2. Integrating CRM with the CDP. Learn more on how you can quickly integrate popular CRMs with CustomerLabs CDP here

Step 2: Obtain a clean & unified single customer profile

Once these channels are connected, customer information will be retrieved and matched inside the CDP using advanced Identity resolution techniques. Thus creating the 360-degree profile view of your customers. 

Step 3: Group all junk/unqualified leads

Create a segment with leads that fall under the ‘junk or unqualified’ category inside the CDP

Audience segmentation or audience creation in Customerlabs CDP

Step 4: Connect Facebook with the CDP

Add & activate Facebook as the first Destination in the CDP. This setup involves pasting the Facebook Pixel ID and authenticating your ad account. 

Facebook integration customization screen pop up

Step 5: Send user data to Facebook as a custom audience

Now, seamlessly sync the segmented lead information inside the CDP to Facebook

Field mapping for data from Customerlabs CDP to Facebook

Step 6: Use the custom audience as an exclusion

Create an exclusion list with the custom audience list that you just created and trigger your FB campaigns.

Facebook creating new audience screen

Step 7: Connect Google Ads with the CDP

Add & activate Google Ads as the second Destination in the CDP. On clicking “Authenticate Adwords” you will be redirected to your Google Login. 

Google Ads integration and configuration settings

Select your Google Account and click “Allow”

Step 8: Exclude your junk leads from Google Ad campaigns

You will now be able to access your “Junk Leads” segment in the Google Ads audience. Simply add the segment to your exclusion list and start your campaigns. 


  •  Never worry about wasting your ad spend on your junk/unqualified leads again

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