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Send your Pipedrive data to any tool in your martech stack.
Pipedrive is a sales management tool that helps visualize your sales pipeline and helps to make sure important activities and conversations won’t get dropped. It also sports built-in forecasting, integrations with other software such as Google Apps, MailChimp and Zapier and a powerful API for those that like to “roll their own” software solutions.
Marketing teams connect Pipedrive with CustomerLabs CDP as either a Source or a Destination to send their Organization, Person & Deal related information to create unified customer profiles in CustomerLabs CDP and sync the enriched customer data to all their favourite tools in their tech stack.
Pipedrive as a Source
The codeless CustomerLabs CDP + Pipedrive integration will enable marketing teams to unify their martech stack by sharing Pipedrive Organization, Person, Deals, Events & all customer-related data with all their marketing tools. See how this integration will help marketing teams below,
Roll out the red carpet by personalizing chatbots for your target contacts
  • CustomerLabs CDP merges website behavior & Pipedrive data and this holistic customer data can be pushed to Drift to personalize chat (urging them to book a meeting, interesting conversation starter etc.) when a target contact comes to the website.
Personalize campaigns based on Pipedrive stage, score or any other field
  • Post Pipedrive integration, marketers will be able to access people info in real time. When a person is marked as sales-qualified/opportunity etc., customer data from Pipedrive will be synced with Facebook to deliver relevant content such as case studies/book a demo rather than generic demand gen content.
Break data silos & complement your sales efforts
  • More than 50% of the leads don’t respond to calls or emails from sales reps immediately. In order to increase engagement, marketing teams can access all the “non-responsive” leads from Pipedrive & trigger retargeting ads which says “Our sales rep tried reaching you (or) we couldn’t reach you”.
Pipedrive as a Destination
When added as a Destination, CustomerLabs CDP will send enriched user and account data gathered across various marketing channels to Pipedrive to create an up to date and accurate customer data repository for sales teams.
  • Deliver rich & contextual information to your sales teams
  • Automate CRM data entry and increase productivity

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