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Sync first-party audience segments with TikTok for running personalized ad campaigns


TikTok Ads offers marketers various formats of targeting options on its social media video-sharing platform (TikTok) with diverse audiences. 

Integrating TikTok with CustomerLabs helps you segment your website visitors and sync them with TikTok Ads to run personalized retargeting ads campaigns.

Here’s what you can expect from CustomerLabs + TikTok integration

  • Create first-party audience segments based on the users’ website behavioral data such as a segment of users adding a specific product to cart, a segment of users viewing a specific product and not making a purchase, etc.
  • Sync first-party audience segments with TikTok directly from CustomerLabs in just a few clicks.
  • Run hyper-personalized retargeting ads using behavioral audience segments.
  • Expand your audience reach for your top-funnel campaigns by creating lookalike audiences based on CustomerLabs First-Party audience segments

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