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Custom Source
Track & unify user and account data from any Source, code-free.
Collect data from any Source
Marketers can now capture and unify customer data from any Source platform that supports webhooks without writing a single line of code.
Connect a new Source in just 3 simple steps
  • Copy and paste the webhook URL
  • Create workflows to filter and map incoming data
  • Receive and unify user & account level details in one place
Boost marketing efforts by syncing customer data with all your tools
  • CustomerLabs CDP unifies incoming customer data with existing first-party customer information to create 360-degree customer profiles
  • Seamlessly receive & update data fields to maintain an accurate customer data repository
  • Segment users based on marketing requirements and sync them with all your favourite tools in your martech stack
View Documentation to see how you integrate any source with CustomerLabs CDP without writing any code.


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