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Sync iiintent data with CustomerLabs CDP to enrich the user profiles with relevant data like email id, phone number, LinkedIn URL, etc

Iiintent is an identity resolution tool that helps uncover the name, email, company profile, LinkedIn URL of the website visitors. It also utilises the machine learning algorithm models to provide you with the right high-intent target audience based on the chronological behavior history of similar buyers in the industry.


Marketers can integrate with CustomerLabs as a Source and as a Destination.

Iiintent as a Source

  • Integrating with CustomerLabs CDP as a source lets you receive the data of users from iiintent and build a unified 360° user profile by combining the user behavioural data collected across the website by CustomerLabs. 
  • Audiences can be created by segmenting the enriched customer information including their website activity in CustomerLabs CDP and can be synced with various marketing platforms for better engagement and conversions.

Check out the documentation to know how to integrate with CustomerLabs CDP.

Iiintent as a Destination


  • With as a destination, you can send the data of anonymous/known website visitors to to enrich the user profiles with additional information including name, email, company profile, personal profile, Linkedin URL, etc. 
  • With the availability of enriched user profiles along with their behavioral data from CustomerLabs CDP,  you can segment the audiences and sync them with external marketing platforms for running personalized retargeting campaigns.

Check out the documentation to know how to integrate as a destination with CustomerLabs CDP.



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