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Unify your martech stack by sharing Hubspot data with all your tools, code-free.
HubSpot is an easy to use platform that helps companies capture new leads & convert them into paying customers, with marketing automation and CRM capabilities.
Marketing teams connect HubSpot with CustomerLabs CDP as either a Source or a Destination to send their Company, Contacts & Deals related information to create unified customer profiles in CustomerLabs CDP and sync the enriched customer data to all their favourite tools in their tech stack.
HubSpot as a Source
The codeless CustomerLabs CDP + HubSpot integration will enable marketing teams to unify their martech stack by sharing HubSpot Company, Contacts, Deals, Events & all customer-related data with all their marketing tools. See how this integration will help marketing teams below,
Trigger ads automatically based on your funnel stages
  • Post HubSpot integration, marketers will be able to access lead info in real time. When a lead is marked as sales-qualified/opportunity etc., customer data from HubSpot will be synced with Facebook to deliver relevant content such as case studies/book a demo rather than generic demand gen content.
Break data silos & complement your sales efforts
  • More than 50% of the leads don’t respond to calls or emails from sales reps immediately. In order to increase engagement, marketing teams can access all the “non-responsive” leads from HubSpot & trigger retargeting ads such as “Our sales rep tried reaching you (or) we couldn’t reach you”.
Reduce CPA by excluding your junk leads from your ad campaigns
  • Creating lookalikes is a go-to demand gen strategy, however there is also risk of bringing in unqualified leads & wasting your sales reps time. To avoid this, create a segment of all the “junk leads” with access to HubSpot data & sync the segment with FB to create an exclusion list for your ads.
Train Facebook AI to bring in relevant leads
  • By syncing HubSpot data with Google Analytics, you can identify the landing pages that played a pivotal role in the conversion process. Now assign an arbitrary cost-value for each page view in the CDP & sync the users who visit these pages as a custom audience in Facebook & create lookalikes.
View Documentation to see how you integrate HubSpot with CustomerLabs CDP without writing any code
HubSpot as a Destination
When added as a Destination, CustomerLabs CDP will send enriched user and account data gathered across various marketing channels to HubSpot to create an up to date and accurate customer data repository for sales teams.
  • Deliver rich & contextual information to your sales teams
  • Automate CRM data entry and increase productivity
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