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Sync unified data with to take relevant actions.
Email is a marketing platform for sending targeted and automated emails, push notifications, and SMS messages to engage and retain an audience.
Harnessing real-time behavioural data and advanced segmentation across web and mobile channels, empowers marketers to send contextually-relevant communication that creates a great customer experience leading to retention and conversion.
Now marketing teams can send unified & up-to-date customer data from CustomerLabs CDP to to send targeted & personalized messages. See how you can integrate the two platforms, View documentation. as a Destination
Send meaningful events from CustomerLabs CDP
  • Create & send a list of events that help you know more about your customers or require more personalized outreaches. For example, users who’ve signed up & return to your website for more information. This event data can be sent to for effective email communication.
Create targeted audience segments
  • Use real-time user & event data to create targeted customer segments in
Trigger personalized communication across channels
  • Build, test & send tailored messages from one platform via any channel to increase conversion rates.


Sync first-party audience segments with
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