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Sync your customer behavior data with Klaviyo for personalized email communication
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Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform for sending personalized emails and SMS messages to engage and retain your targeted audience. It also uses machine learning and predictive analytics based on the user and behavior data collected to send product recommendations, share discount codes at the right moment during the customer journey.


The codeless CustomerLabs CDP + Klaviyo integration will help marketers to unify the customer behavior data to target and convert the high-intent audience by sending personalized emails and SMS at the right time.


See how this integration will help marketers below.


  • Using the audience segmentation engine, you can create targeted segments based on the user behavior data collected and send this data to Klaviyo for better personalization. For example, users who have added a product to cart but not purchased can be segmented and sent to Klaviyo for effective email communication.
  • You can send dynamic content through email communication based on the users’ website activity (event) data. For example, you can sync the events data like product viewed, category viewed, cart abandoned, etc, from CustomerLabs and send tailored messages to increase conversion rate.
  • You can create smart workflow automation to send emails to customers based on their recent website events to nurture retention and increase lifetime value (LTV) with Klaviyo’s pre-built behavior-triggered automations.



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