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First-party audience
strategies to double this
Holiday season’23 sales

Futuristic brands that adopted First-Party Audience strategies



Founder, Lead Widget

Match rates on Facebook went from really low to above 70% which alone lowered our retargeting costs. Now, we segment and retarget the users based on behavior, which has allowed our clients to experience exemplary improvements in their ROAS. The Customer Labs team is a great group to partner with and I couldn't recommend their solution enough.


General Manager, W for Woman

Transitioning to a first-party data ecosystem is made seamless with CustomerLabs Increase audience match rate was the impressive part where we could see the results in 3 to 4 weeks without the developer's support.


Allie Bird

Founder, Allie Bird

After implementing CustomerLabs we saw our match rate increase by 70% in a really short period of time. Because of this, we have SO much more confidence in our attribution data and our targeting, which has increased our ROAS from ~13x to over 20x. The Customer Labs team is a great group to partner with and I couldn't recommend their solution enough.

What you should do for this BFCM sale?


Your mid-funnel audience is the untapped gold mine

Majority of high-intent audiences are stuck in the mid-funnel. Activate them now…

Reactivate the 90days old Cart abandoners

Your cart abandoners are the users who are super prospects and left the site. Activate them now…

Converting 2% anonymous website visitors will double up the revenue

98% of website visitors are anonymous. Imagine 2-3% of them converting? Activate them now...

Smart audience segmentation for personalized engagement

Move on from “all website visitor” audience segments to “your yellow shoes is on 30% offer”.

How India’s leading fashion brand doubled their ROAS using First-Party Audience Strategies

By activating the mid-funnel audience and smart audience segmentation, WforWoman doubled the ROAS.

Audience Activation across major ad platforms

Activate your anonymous and known visitors across major ad platforms like Facebook, Google, etc.


Marketers’ life without First-Party Audience Strategies


Facebook Pixel Tracking

Limited access to user behaviour data after iOS’14+ and Android updates

Facebook discards the user behaviour data once in every 90 days

Old school audience segments like “all website visitors”,”added to cart” etc

Facebook custom audience match rates reduced below 25%

Strong restrictions in sending users behavior data to Facebook and other Ad Platforms.

First-Party Audience

Owning all known and anonymous website user behaviour data