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Make first-party data your e-commerce store's secret weapon.

Own your anonymous as well as known users’ first-party behavior data and activate across the ad platforms with higher match rates.

Trusted Wingman for top E-commerce
marketing teams across the globe

2-3X higher audience match rates using first-party data

Share your store data with ad platforms and activate audience segments effortlessly.

Increase your custom audience match rate by 2-4x times.

Collect, segment, and share your first-party data with Facebook more effectively using our CDP tool that can increase your match rate by up to 80%

Level up your retargeting campaigns using your first-party data.

Improve your retargeting campaign performance by sharing your first-party data more efficiently with Facebook/ Google using CDP increasing retargeting audience size, event-match quality, match rates, etc.

Maximize your E-Commerce
ROAS with first-party data

First - Party Data Collection

Build your first-party database for the cookieless future

No-Code data collection​

Collect your store’s data from
various sources like websites,
live chat, etc - without writing
a single line of code.

Anonymous visitor data collection​

98% of store visitors are
anonymous first-party data. Collect
anonymous visitor data & activate
them on various ad platforms

Build Unified User Profiles

Get all the customer data in one place

Anonymous visitor profile

Gain a holistic view of
anonymous visitor data and their activities within your store.

Customer profile

Provide the marketing
team with a unified 360-
degree customer profile to
enhance personalisation.

Audience Segments

Group website visitors into smarter audience segments

Segment your audiences based on activity, traits, location, or events (For ex: product page, check out page, shopping cart abandonment by shoppers, etc. )

Activate your Audience

Share website data with 100 other marketing tools

Sync your data seamlessly across all marketing
platforms and tools like Google analytics, Drift,
Facebook ads, Google Ads, etc.,

Server-Side Tracking

Implement CAPI & GMP in less than 60 minutes

Share your website data with Facebook and
Google seamlessly via Conversions API (CAPI)
& Google Measurement Protocol (GMP)

We Are Official Facebook
Marketing Partners

Growth Playbooks for E-Commerce Business

Nurture conversions with the middle of the funnel [MOFU] marketing strategies​

GOAL: Increase BOFU audience size

Time to Implement - 30 mins

Re-activate anonymous visitors even beyond
the past 6-months

GOAL: Increase the number of sales

Time to Implement - 30 mins

Increase repeat purchases, and boost your
Customer LTV

GOAL: Sell more to the existing customers

Time to Implement - 45 mins

Boost your Facebook custom-audience match rates beyond 80%

GOAL: Increase FB campaign conversions

Time to Implement - 45 mins

Get Started By Integrating All Your
Favorite Marketing Tools

CustomerLabs CDP integrates with all popular platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce,
Wix, LeadSquared, WordPress, Unbounce, Instapage, and more

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