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The codeless CustomerLabs CDP + Salesforce integration will enable marketing teams to unify their MarTech stack by sharing Salesforce Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities.

Salesforce Integrations with No-code CDP

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform helping organizations effectively streamline their sales and marketing operations.


Marketing teams connect Salesforce with CustomerLabs CDP as a Source to send their Contacts, Accounts and Opportunity related information to create unified customer profiles in CustomerLabs CDP and sync the enriched customer data to all their favorite tools in their tech stack.

Salesforce as a Source

The codeless CustomerLabs CDP + Salesforce integration will enable marketing teams to unify their MarTech stack by sharing Salesforce Contacts, Accounts & Opportunity, Events & all customer-related data with all their marketing tools. See how this integration will help marketing teams below.

Trigger ads automatically based on your funnel stages


  • Post Salesforce integration, marketers will be able to access lead info in real-time. When a lead is marked as sales-qualified/opportunity etc., customer data from Salesforce will be synced with Facebook to deliver relevant content such as case studies/book a demo rather than generic content.


Rewarm your cold-qualified leads and increase MQL to conversion ratio


  • More than 50% of the leads don’t respond to calls or emails from sales reps immediately and these qualified MQL’s goes into the qualified cold leads bucket. With CustomerLabs CDPs integration with salesforce, you can run personalised campaigns for these qualified cold leads and rewarm them again which increases the MQL-conversion ratio between 15% – 25%. 


Reduce CPA by excluding your junk leads from your ad campaigns


  • Creating lookalikes is a go-to demand gen strategy, however, there is also the risk of bringing in unqualified leads & wasting your sales reps’ time. To avoid this, create a segment of all the “junk leads” with access to Salesforce data & sync the segment with FB to create an exclusion list for your ads.


Train Facebook AI to bring in relevant leads


  • By syncing Salesforce data with Google Analytics, you can identify the landing pages that played a pivotal role in the conversion process. Now assign an arbitrary cost-value for each page view in the CDP & sync the users who visit these pages as a custom audience in Facebook & create lookalikes.

Notify your Sales team when an ABM account lands on the website
  • With Salesforce and CustomerLabs CDP integration, trigger notification alerts to your sales teams’ when an ABM account lands on the website. Depending upon the actions taken by the ABM account, SDRs can personalize their messaging and close the account faster.


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