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CustomerLabs CDP Secures Patent To Activate First-party Data



The image is a blog banner with the title Patented Technology to Activate First-party data ( (including anonymous website visitor data)

“Therefore, this United States grants to the person(s) having title to this PATENT…”

CustomerLabs CDP is granted a patent with the title “Methods and systems for creating audience segments” that also focuses on anonymous website visitor activation across ad platforms.

Know in depth about our technology, how we innovated it and how it helps marketers with marketing operations for businesses like yours reap the benefits.

At the end, we also covered the real-life applications of this innovation and how big brands & businesses are leveraging the full potential of this innovative technology.

CustomerLabs CDP, Your Digital Wingman

CustomerLabs CDP offers a centralized system to manage your data from all sources, including CRM, website, and data warehouses, in one place. Unify, segment, and activate it effortlessly through server-to-server integrations, maximizing performance for your marketing operations. It is your perfect digital wingman when it comes to data collection from various sources, integrating it into one and activating it across the ad platforms such as Meta Ads, Google Ads, etc.

In the data privacy era, it becomes more difficult than ever to collect data effectively. CustomerLabs, being the perfect wingman, will help businesses collect their first-party data without much of a technical setup. The entire conversion tracking is also seamless using CustomerLabs CDP. Not much code to be used. Only a simple set up with a few clicks and you’ll be ready to go.

The below diagram clearly shows how CustomerLabs CDP works:

The infographic showing in detail how a CDP works with the data collection from various sources such as a website, offline store, CRM, server, etc. and how it unifies the customer data leading to identity resolution or the 360 degree single customer view and then segment & sync the data with the various platforms such as ad platforms, analytics, CRM, etc.

The unique advantage you, as a business will get by choosing CustomerLabs’ innovative technology is, to activate anonymous website visitor data across the ad platforms.

First-party data experiments

CustomerLabs has been advocating for first-party data since 2019, way before Google and Meta started emphasizing on the importance of first-party data. Meta has spoken out loud about first-party data only recently through its report titled “The Importance of Good Data

Google has outrightly emphasized the importance of first-party data only through Performance Max Campaigns, which were launched in late 2021.

Google and BCG report has theoretically mentioned that first-party data contributes to an incremental revenue of 11%. Or doubles the increase in incremental revenue. Nothing was proven by them. We experimented with our own clients by enabling them to collect their own first-party data. We were able to prove that first-party data collected using our product would add at least around 20% revenue to businesses. However, the growth varied in the range of 10% to 27%

The below live data shows the data that shows CustomerLabs audience contributed to around 27% of the purchases!

The image is a screenshot of attribution dashboard by CustomerLabs to show the influence of first-party data. First-party data showed a 27% purchases happening from first-party audiences.

The Technology Behind CustomerLabs CDP

CustomerLabs technology is not built in a day. It has built over time with minute attention to every detail. The product is pretty much simplified to the marketers to solve all their data problems making their lives easier. Ideally, the moment a user enters the website, we will assign an external ID to the user. Now, as the user browses, all their actions are recorded and stored under the external ID. We also start collecting device ID, browser ID, IP address, etc., and unify this information into one profile. Now, segment the audience based on the behavior to activate this data on ad platforms using personalized messaging. Below are the steps that illustrate the technology better.

How CustomerLabs CDP, a patented technology works.
Simple infographic showing step by step process of how a Customer Data Platform works

Data Collection

With an innovative approach, the technology used by CustomerLabs will be able to track all the conversion without any major data loss. The data collected will contain user parameters and behavioral data. 

CustomerLabs has direct API calls from multiple platforms which can act as a source. We also have a custom source option which allows you to pull in data from any source of your choice. For example, you can bring in data from either Salesforce CRM or Freshworks CRM or even Hubspot into CustomerLabs.

Now, all the data from various sources is collected in one single place.

Data Consolidation & Profiling

All the data collected from various sources is consolidated into one profile based on the identifiers. Our identity resolution (ID resolution) is one of the best. It uses multiple identifiers to merge the duplicates into one and get a complete customer journey without any breaks. This helps you understand the customer behavior and journey better.

Be it a known user whose personal information such as name, mobile number, email address, location are known or an anonymous website visitor whose details are unavailable. CustomerLabs CDP creates a profile for all the users who land on the website.

The below image shows the 360-degree screenshot of how the user profile looks inside the product.

The screenshot shows the 360-degree profile of a user in the customerlabs App.

Audience Segmentation

Based on the user behavior and your marketing strategies, you can segment the audience in any way you need. Build the audience segments inside the CustomerLabs. For example, if you are an eCommerce business, you can go with custom segmentation such as 

  • Abandoned the cart for more than 45 days 
  • Viewed the product but did not purchase
  • Product viewed more than 3 times 
  • Wishlisted more than ten products 

This way of building the audience helps you craft a different strategy for different behaviors to grab such an audience.

One Click Activation

All these audience segments are directly created inside Meta Ad platform with just a one-click toggle. Generally, most CDPs have a complicated setup to send the data through APIs. Using CustomerLabs, all that hard-code is minimized and replaced with just a few clicks. 

screenshot showing CustomerLabs toggle switch that seamlessly activates first-party data with a toggle on.

The data can be sent across multiple destinations such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, Google Analytics, or any other destination.

All the first-party audience is activated at this stage.

The Need For The Patent & The Results

We have been collecting a lot of user data and are activating only a little of it. We have understood Facebook’s algorithms and the API documentation to trigger the true first-party data and activate it.

Our technology activates the full first-party data audience including anonymous website visitors across the ad platforms by syncing all the behavioral event data of the users to the ad platforms through the server to server integrations, also called Conversions API (CAPI).

Sending the data without any loss has built signal resiliency with Meta boosting the event match quality score and custom audience match rates on Facebook. Thus, we were able to maximize the ad campaign performance using Conversions API and other first-party data strategies.

Who Does The Patent Benefit?

This patented technology helps marketers and businesses who are in the digital space or aspire to thrive in the digital space in the era of data privacy. Data is the new oil and every business needs it. Amidst the data privacy updates such as GDPR, CCPA, iOS17, PDPA, Google Chrome phasing out third-party cookies, etc., it becomes more than necessary for businesses to collect and store their own first-party user data. 

So, every digital business who are willing to adopt the first-party data strategies can use this innovative marketing technology

  1. To collect the data in compliance with data privacy updates, and
  2. Activate it to gain the advantage. 

Be it a fintech company or a financial company or a pharmaceutical industry or a hospital or an eCommerce business or maybe even an edTech. Every business can leverage this technology to unleash the true potential of first-party data.

Performance marketers who are looking to maximize their ad campaign performance will benefit the most using our technology. 

Real World applications of the Patent

Our innovative technology has benefited businesses across the globe with more revenue by helping them unleash the true potential of first-party data.

Here are the two case studies – 1. eCommerce; and 2. Lead Generation

  1. eCommerce – W For Woman, India’s largest women’s fashion brand has been using CustomerLabs’ technology and have seen impressive results like 13% incremental revenue using first-party data. Find the full case study here – W For Woman Case Study
  2. Lead Generation – Dundas Life Insurance, a Canada-based life insurance company has witnessed 67% drop in cost per lead for the mid-funnel retargeting campaign. Read the full case study here – Dundas Life Case Study

How Does The Future Look Like To Us

Getting a patent for our innovative technology is just one milestone in our journey. Moving ahead, we visualize leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning to offer personalized product recommendations using first-party data. 

Focusing more on concepts like predictive analytics for predicting the lifetime value (LTV) of a known and unknown users, and complete automation of the marketing technology for everything and anything related to data, making the lives of the marketers easy.

CTA with the text Use our Innovative Technology in Compliance with data privacy updates for maximized performance.
Image contains the text CustomerLabs CDP beats Billion Dollar Companies in Innovation. CustomerLabs CDP is awarded the World's most innovative marketing technology 2023 in the TMW100 awards, with first-position in its armoury.

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