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Send unified customer data to LinkedIn to personalize your retargeting ads


LinkedIn is the largest resource for B2B businesses to target the potential connections to build and grow the business. Compared to Facebook, it generates 277% more leads. It is an effective platform to take your business to the next level. 


Integrating LinkedIn with CustomerLabs will help you personalize and show professionally relevant content through retargeting ads without the help of developers.


See how this integration will help marketers below,


  • Using the segmentation feature of CustomerLabs, you can create a custom audience based on the user behavior on the website.
  • Utilizing the user traits gathered, such as email address, company name, job title, etc, you can create and sync the audience with LinkedIn to use them for retargeting through sponsored ads. 
  • You can specifically target the B2B leads who have clicked the call-to-action button on a landing page or a form on your website.
  • You can create a lookalike audience based on the match quality of the existing audience created using CustomerLabs to build your top-funnel audience.

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