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Use Facebook to generate high quality leads

Create lookalikes of your sales qualified leads

iconImplementation time : 45 minutes

By implementing this playbook you will be able to use the customer data in your CRM to create lookalikes of your Opportunity strong, Closed won and more.  

The Blueprint

The 4 steps involved in this process are as follows, 

  1. Integrate your CRM with CustomerLabs CDP
  2. CustomerLabs CDP will now be ready to receive event data (lead stage change, activity update etc.) from your CRM
  3. Create various segments such as “Cold leads”, “Junk leads”, “Opportunity strong” etc. inside the CDP
  4. Send this information to Facebook via CustomerLabs CDP for effective targeting

The Process

Step 1: Integrate your CRM with CustomerLabs CDP

Select the CRM that you want to integrate with CustomerLabs CDP from the Sources section. In the case of Hubspot integration, follow the steps to authenticate your Hubspot account from inside CustomerLabs CDP without any coding. 

Step 2: Map incoming user data

Post integration, check sample data, filter and map incoming CRM information. You can easily categorize incoming customer information into relevant attributes. For example Lead name, email, phone number can be grouped under User Traits. In the same way all the company-related information can be clubbed under Group Traits.  

Step 3: Get a unified user view without writing any code

CustomerLabs CDP will then match existing website behavior information with CRM information using advanced identity resolution. This will help in attaining the complete customer information in one place.

Step 4: Segment your converted/likely-to-convert leads

Segment leads based on their CRM stage along with custom filter criteria such as location, lead owner etc.

Step 5: Add Facebook as a Destination in the CDP

Integrate Facebook with the CDP by adding the Facebook Pixel ID and create a custom audience list in Facebook

Step 6: Access lead info in Facebook to create lookalikes

Now, seamlessly sync the lead segment created in the CDP to Facebook


  • Reach more potential customers with access to CRM data in Facebook
  • Marketers can trigger ads based on the lifecycle stage of a customer 
  • View more growth experiments with CRM and CustomerLabs CDP 

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