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Up your email automation game in by leveraging website behavior data



The measure of success or lack of success of an email campaign can be determined within minutes of the launch by tracking the email ‘click-to-open’ rate. 

Often confused with email click through rate, the click-to-open rate is the percentage of visitors who click on a link/image within the email. Battling an average of 14.30%, marketers often come up with innovative & engaging content to increase this metric. 

However, the real reason for this number to be on the lower end is due to the lack of proper data (which is stated as the second major bottleneck) & sloppy audience segmentation. 

What good is all that content if you’re sending it to the wrong people?!

So, how can you improve your email click to open rate?

Collect the right customer data

Collecting the right customer data does not stop at just email ID collation but collecting valuable additional information about a user that can add context. For example, knowing a bit about the users company, role, industry, their actions on the website & product can help the marketer to personalize emails catering to that particular user rather than just sending a generic newsletter or an invaluable email. 

By using CustomerLabs CDPs’ No-Code Event tracker, marketers can easily track user sessions, page views, button clicks, form submissions, video views etc. at an individual level without writing a single line of code.  

Take action by sending the customer data to

CustomerLabs CDP lets you do far more than just collect & profile user data. Using the codeless integration with a popular marketing automation platform like (enabling destination), marketers can seamlessly send the captured events & attributes without depending on their IT teams. 

Apart from the time saving & flexible integration between the two platforms, CustomerLabs CDP also gives marketers the ability to control the events being sent to with a simple toggle, laying emphasis on maintaining data quality. 

Automate email workflows

Once the collected customer data starts to flow in, it becomes really easy to make important website events as triggers in the campaign builder and create workflows. Some of the popular emails that you can send using this integration include, 

  1. Triggering a “Talk to us for flexible pricing options” email after a lead visits the pricing page 
  2. Triggering a competitor analysis report after a lead visits the product features page
  3. Triggering an ebook after a lead reads one of your blogs
  4. Triggering a “Can we help with the setup?” email after a lead visits a support documentation 

Save time & Increase agility

A major advantage of this integration is the ability to save hours of IT effort everytime a new piece of user information is required from the website. Marketers can codelessly track the website data they need and push it to enabling them to create new and effective email workflows on the go. 

Interested in creating highly personalized and timely emails in based on website behavior, here’s a link to documentation that can help you get started. If you want to learn more or get a personalized demo, please feel free to get in touch with one of our product experts

CEO of CustomerLabs, Building next-generation tools for Digital Marketers. Moving ahead into the future of marketing, he realizes first-party data ops is necessary and is building technology to help marketers to make the experience with first-party data ops seamless! Being a founder and business leader, Vishnu talks about #cdp, #martech, #firstpartydata, #firstpartydataops, and #customerdataplatform

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