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Top 10 sustainable E-commerce fashion brands across the world



With growing concerns about climate change, many people are getting consciously aware of what type of material they are wearing and the demand for sustainable products is growing. 

As we know, the fashion industry is one of the industries that leave a massive carbon footprint, and it is also predicted that the industry’s water consumption is said to increase to 118 billion cubic meters by 2030. Here are some brands that are sustainable and considerably reduce their footprint on the planet.

1. Afends (Byron Bay, Australia)

 Co-Founders – Declan Wise and Jonathan Salfield

 Product range – Men and Women’s Streetwear 

Afends started in 2006, in Byron Bay, Australia. The brand uses eco-friendly materials like hemp and organic cotton to create its pieces using renewable energy in its supply chain thereby reducing its impact on the environment. 

The product range includes Mens and Womens Streetwear. Afends believes that it should be a quintessence of sustainable practices and appeals to the youth.    

2.  PACT (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Founder – Brendon Synnott

Product range – Men, Women, and Children’s Activewear

The pact started in 2009 and uses eco-friendly materials that include Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. Pact is a Certified B Corporation. 

Also, Pact partners with Free Trade Certified Factories to ensure that its apparel production process is ethical. 

PACT ensures sustainability in shipping where the packaging in which the product arrives can be reused to ship well-maintained clothing to non-profits with a free shipping label.  

3. Asket (Stockholm, Sweden, Europe)

Co-Founders – Jakob Dworsky and August Bard Bringéus

Product range – Men’s essential wear

Asket brand started in 2015. The vision of the brand is to break the overconsumption cycle and deliver products that have a lasting impact. 

Asket has a revival program that encourages customers to return garments they no longer use. They started their revival in May 2021, nine months to opening they found that 80% of what they received from customers was in good condition for a clean-up and mended for resale. Based on the product type, Asket rewards its customers.

According to a GQ magazine article, Asket believes in creating products with high quality, design, and durability at a decent price so that consumers can invest in lesser and good quality products thereby reducing the output burden on the planet (landfills) and people’s spend. 

This is something that will make you feel good about every purchase reducing the footprint on the environment.

4. Patagonia (Ventura, California, USA)

Founder – Yvon Chouinard

Product range – Men and Women’s outdoor clothing

Patagonia, founded in 1973, is one of the earliest brands delivering sustainable products and also adopted recycled materials and organic cotton.

They use renewable energy across their owned facilities and supply chain. They have built robust environmental and animal welfare programs to inform the materials that go behind their products.

They work with US factories in North Carolina and Texas. Some of Patagonia’s supply chain is certified by the FLA (Fair Labour Association) Workplace Code of Conduct and Fair Trade USA in the final stage of production. 

5. KOTN (Toronto, Canada)

Founder – Mackenzie Yeates, Rami Helali and Benjamin Sehl 

Product range – Men and Women’s Basics, home items

Kotn, founded in 2015, products are designed in Toronto, ethically and sustainably made in Egypt and Portugal. Kotn’s packaging can be recycled. Their products are manufactured in safe working conditions with fair wages.

KOTN  is known for its soft cotton tees that you can consciously add to your wardrobe as the products are designed for higher durability. 

KOTN is socially responsible and helps in building schools in rural Egypt where cotton is grown. They have contributed towards educating young minds by funding 15 schools, and built 10, of which 88% are girls.

6. Tentree (Vancouver, Canada)

Founder – Kaven Emsley and David Luba

Product range – Men, Women, and Children’s outdoor wear, bags, and accessories

Tentree, founded in 2012 is a socially responsible brand that plants 10 trees for every item purchased. 

It focuses on environmentally-friendly and ethical manufacturing practices and uses renewable energy in its supply chain to reduce the environmental impact. 

Tentree envisions planting 1 billion trees by 2030 to which they have already planted over 30 million trees restoring land in over 8 countries.

A purchase with this brand can help you contribute to the planet for a greener future.

7. Firebird kids (Sanfrancisco, California, United States)

Founder – Vasilisa Krivenko

Product range – Kids outdoor wear

Firebirds, started in 2020, is a clothing store for kids. They believe in producing sustainable clothes that can be shared and passed on.

Firebirds use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton in their products. They manufacture the products and operate the business in the USA to support the economy. Their clothes are thoughtfully designed unisex so that whenever possible their clothes can be treasured by cousins, siblings, and friends for years.

Firebirds has a ‘Pass It On’ resale platform that allows customers to buy and sell outgrown Firebrands kids clothing at lower prices for a credit towards the next purchase.

8. United By Blue (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)

Founder – Brian Linton

Product range – Men and Women’s outdoor wear

United By Blue, founded in 2010 is a socially responsible brand. Their product range caters to not just apparel but also shoes, bags, and home items.

United By Blue, removes wastes from oceans and waterways through the company-run cleanup initiatives. 

Also, they have stopped the usage of single-use plastics in shipping products which constitute 80%, and have a plan charted out to reduce the remaining 20%.  An initiate you can be happy about contributing to with your purchase.

9. Amour Vert (Minnesota, San Francisco, United States)

Founder – Christoph Frehsee, Linda Balti

Product range – Women’s outerwear

Amour Vert, founded in 2010 has integrated sustainability from product to packaging in their business. The company includes materials like organic cotton, Tencel Lyocell, hemp, and ethical wool, and partners directly with mills to produce highly durable sustainable products.

They only use packaging made from recycled materials and are one of the first companies to use compostable protective bags to store and ship their products.

They are socially responsible, a tree is planted with every tee purchased. And anyone can plant a tree by paying $1.

10. People Tree (London, UK)

Founder – Safia Minney, James Minney

Product range – Women’s apparel activewear, accessories

People Tree started in 1991, as one of the early companies producing sustainable products. The materials used in their products include organic cotton, Tencel lyocell, and ethical wool made with traditional practices.

They take your gently used clothes through their GIVE BACK BOX initiative and help you donate unwanted clothes for charity.

Their products are not just stylish, and innovative, but also produce affordable fashion.  

Sustainable Fashion the way forward

These days, with the growing concern for climate change, consumers’ demand for sustainable and ethical products has only increased. So, brands have to constantly keep up with the growing demand and adapt to delivering sustainable products to their customers.

Above are some interesting brands already contributing their share to sustainable living for a better tomorrow. A shout-out to these amazing brands from CustomerLabs CDP who are working towards reducing their carbon footprint on this planet.

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