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Does your marketing team need a CDP?

With customers oscillating between their mobiles, desktops and laptops, marketers are in dire need of a system that can help them combine all this information and present a unified view. The Customer Data Platform (CDP) is one of the most sought after technology in recent years to achieve this unified user view so that marketers can stop worrying about data collection and start focusing on delivering personalized experiences. 

Deciding whether your marketing team needs a CDP or not depends on myriad factors. Most companies join the bandwagon without a clear vision for their CDP system & end up feeling disappointed. 

So, how to get the best out of your CDP investment?

Here’s a list of questions that can help you decide whether your team needs a CDP or not. 

Are you spending more time on data collection than on strategy & execution?

Is your team more focused on deciphering data from multiple platforms to send campaigns? Making meaningful decisions with customer information fragmented across website, email platform, marketing automation platform & CRM might be daunting. However, a CDP can help bring all your data under one roof so that you can focus on delivering campaigns that convert. 

Are you dependent on your developers and data analysts?

Not all martech platforms are marketer-friendly. Many require marketers to depend on their developers & data analysts to track the right customer information and make meaningful decisions. Due to this dependency, there are high chances that campaigns might miss deadlines. With a marketer centric no-code customer data platform you can simply get the information you need into your execution platform without any external help. 

Are you struggling to achieve a single source of truth for your customer data?

You might have wanted your CRM or marketing automation platform to be your go-to place for all your customer-related information. But since the category leaders in these segments work only within specific cohorts, data unification might have eluded your team so far. However, a CDP can interact with all your existing platforms and push the customer data to the destination you prefer. Giving you the freedom to choose your single source of truth rather than adding “another platform” to your stack. 

Are you not able to share user information across platforms?

Achieving unified user profiles serves no purpose unless used effectively. A CDP not only unifies user data from multiple platforms but also profiles & converts them into a format usable by ad platforms (eg: Facebook, Google Ads, Quora, LinkedIn), marketing automation platforms (eg: Marketo, Pardot), CRM (eg: Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive) and more

Are you stuck with standard marketing reports?

One of the common problems that marketing teams suffer from is standard report templates that don’t give them the actionable information they need. Since CDPs track the entire customer journey (from anonymous to customer), you can achieve customized attribution reports, funnel & cohort reports, ROAS reports and more. 

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If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, then a customer data platform is an ideal place to invest to boost your marketing effectiveness. CustomerLabs CDP is the first marketer focused customer data platform that enables marketing teams to get the best out of their customer data. 

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