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CustomerLabs launches No-Code Customer Data Platform (CDP) to help SMB marketers unify their martech stack with customer data



The No-Code CDP gives freedom to SMB marketers from relying on their developers for their marketing operations 

NEWARK, Delaware – June 04, 2020 – Digital Marketing Infrastructure company, CustomerLabs, launches the first No-Code Customer Data Platform – CustomerLabs CDP, that enables SMB marketers to collect, unify, segment and sync customer data across their martech stack without writing a single line of code.

Why should SMB marketers unify their martech stack?

A unified martech stack plays a critical role for marketing teams in creating memorable customer experiences across different channels, especially in today’s world where a customers’ journey to purchase is highly convoluted.

Grabbing the customer’s attention (even if it is for a few seconds) is so important throughout their journey for which marketers need to unify all the tools in their marketing technology stack to engage customers with the right message at the right time. 

However, this valuable data about a customer is siloed in disparate tools making it difficult for SMB marketing teams to understand their customers and run data-backed personalized campaigns. 

It is at this point that marketers turn to a Customer Data Platform (CDP) which collects & unifies customer data across all touchpoints to create 360° customer profiles that can be accessed in all their marketing tools.

Unifying all marketing tools will help marketers deliver personalized communication with their customers which in turn will boost growth by 2X.

How a No-Code CDP will help the SMB marketer?

Unifying the entire martech stack can be an uphill task for SMB marketing teams. Requirements such as collecting customer data from the website & syncing it to a pixel or a marketing automation system or sending CRM data to Google Analytics can prove tedious. 

Native app integrations fall flat as each application manages data differently and is not entirely customizable. Marketers always hit a roadblock and require developer assistance to help them get through the integrations which will take at least a few months to complete. Not to mention the maintenance of these systems post-integration.

Developer help is needed at every little juncture, crippling marketing teams from accessing the customer data they need to deliver highly relevant messages to the right segments through the right channels at the right time.

“CustomerLabs provides us with a flexible, powerful alternative to both Google Tag Manager and Segment, allowing us to identify and track events across our event registration site (website) with ease” said Taylor Banks, CEO, CogniSec Inc. “We were able to quickly tag and identify core website events and can now use that data to provide a better experience to our customers, while also more effectively retargeting those users who didn’t complete the registration process, something that would have been nearly impossible with the event platform on its own.”

Even the 80+ Customer Data Platform companies in the market today will not be able to reduce developer dependencies that SMB markets will face during & post martech stack unification. 

However, with CustomerLabs CDP, SMB marketers can quickly unify their martech stack in a matter of hours and access the customer data they need without having to wait for their developers. 


CustomerLabs CDP helps marketers, 

#1 Enable data flow between disparate tools

Connecting disparate tools is one of the biggest challenges that marketers face today. The No-Code CDP will sit right at the heart of the martech stack and enables not just with quick integration between platforms but also ensures the free-flowing exchange of data between them. Marketers can now add as many platforms without having to worry about building new integrations and data silos. 

#2 Reduce developer dependency & increase speed to market of new ideas

Marketers don’t have to wait for their developers and their sprint cycles to get over for technology & data needs. CustomerLabs CDP helps marketers get the data they want to power their campaigns with just a few clicks.

#3 Solve attribution challenges

Attributing conversions to the right marketing touchpoints is a major problem that the No-Code CDP will solve. Marketers can now choose an attribution model that works best for their business to quickly pivot strategies.   

#4 Improve advertising effectiveness

B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn over Facebook & other social channels due to its rich segmentation and the ability to reach relevant individuals. CustomerLabs CDP stores & syncs external user identifiers such as _fbp and _fbc cookies that enable marketers to segment and target the exact user in Facebook, thus increasing audience match rates by more than 50%.  

#5 Trigger new workflows in destination tools

Identifying & nudging specific users to take high-value product actions, Creating a segment of your best leads to boost lookalike performance and Complementing sales efforts with timely marketing messages using CRM data are some of the popular workflows that can be triggered to increase conversions with CustomerLabs CDP. View more playbooks with unified data.  

#6 Understand customers & their journeys better

Send the unified customer data to your warehouse to build tailored customer journey flows to gain a deeper understanding of your customers. 

About CustomerLabs

SMB Marketing teams rely on CustomerLabs CDP to unify their martech stack with customer data for 2x growth. 

Founded in 2014, CustomerLabs revolutionized how SMB marketing teams collect & use customer data. CustomerLabs now provides advanced data collection and unification capabilities for SMB marketing teams to improve marketing effectiveness without depending on their developers.

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CEO of CustomerLabs, Building next-generation tools for Digital Marketers. Moving ahead into the future of marketing, he realizes first-party data ops is necessary and is building technology to help marketers to make the experience with first-party data ops seamless! Being a founder and business leader, Vishnu talks about #cdp, #martech, #firstpartydata, #firstpartydataops, and #customerdataplatform

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