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First Party data Ad buyers Community Webinar

Why you should not follow Shopify's holiday strategies

if you want to run high-performing retargeting campaigns?

Tue, 12, November 2022 - 9:30 EST
Featured speakers

Chaya Jayasankar, Associate Product manager, CustomerLabs
Sariga, Storyteller, CustomerLabs

The first real-talk

In this webinar, we’ll provide guidance on ,


Unlike other communities here we speak about real life marketers issues and not the generic text book concepts.
The one another real issue which needs to addressed at the moment is,

Does the algorithm of the ad platforms still works the way they used to be in the pre-iOS'14 era?

To succeed in this BFCM and holiday season ad campaigns, the tech giants Google & FB itself urges the marketers to use their own first-party data rather than adhering to the conventional advertising guidelines and recommendations.

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