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Custom Reports
Track the metrics you want
Custom Reports

Tired of seeing the preset reports that don’t give you the insights you want?

Now with CustomerLabs Marketing insights, all you have to do is choose the format and the metrics you want to track. Our team will get you the actionable intelligence you need in no time.

Custom reports for Agency

  • Easily integrate all your clients systems and get granular level insights in one place such as PPC ad performance, content engagement and more, even for niche businesses.

Custom reports for Ecommerce

  • There is always too much data for ecommerce. However capture the essential metrics you want such as customer acquisition cost, cart abandonment rate & more and get a simplified report that you can use for making smart marketing decisions.

Custom reports for SaaS

  • What good is it when a user signs up for your product but does not use it like it should be used. Go beyond tracking vanity metrics and see how you can improve adoption & lifetime value with user journey & engagement reports.

Custom reports for B2B

  • Identifying anonymous users & mapping their activities has always been challenging for B2B businesses. Now track all your website visitors and their activities such as form abandonments, newsletter signups & goal conversions in one place and deliver the right messages at the right funnel stages.
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