Implement Google Measurement Protocol using No-code Customer Data Platform

Google Measurement Protocol lets you send raw-user interaction data directly into Google Anlytics servers

How it works?

Collect website behaviour data with No-Code Event Tracker

Bring data from CRM, marketing automation & other tool

Segment customers based on traits & events

Send unified customer data to all your marketing tools

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Growth Playbooks

Re-engage leads who won't respond to your emails using Facebook & Google Ads

Goal: Add more leads to your marketing funnel

Time to implement : 2hrs

Nurture your Anonymous vistors with relevent content

Goal: Retarget those anonymous users you care about.

Time to implement : 1hrs

Use your High-value landing pages to acquire more customers

Goal: Increase the number of trial signups

Time to implement : 3hrs

Exclude your junk leads while targeting lookalike audiences

Goal: Stop wasted ad spend

Time to implement : 1hrs

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