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Segment users in any possible way to suit your marketing needs


What can you do with Audience builder

Segment based on Events

Build audience based on website or app events. For example, users who have downloaded an ebook from your website or a lead stage update event received from your CRM.

Segment based on User traits

Build audience based on traits such as user job title, location, industry, ecommerce product details and much more

Segment based on Demographics

Group users based on demographic details such as age, city, state, country etc. to personalize communication

Segment based on UTM & Custom parameters

With CustomerLabs CDP, marketers can group users based on any UTM parameter or use a custom parameter to create a more targeted customer segment

Segment based on Lead Stages

Group users based on lifecycle stages such as Prospects, MQLs, SQLs, Opportunities & more

Segment based on Accounts traits

In B2B scenarios, segment users based on account traits to boost ABM initiatives

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Real time audience to improve marketing effectiveness

Ad audiences

Rather than uploading CSVs, CustomerLabs CDP lets you send your customer segments to all popular ad platforms Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora etc. with just a few clicks. CustomerLabs CDP will automatically update the ad audience to ensure that you target the right users with the right message.

CustomerLabs CDP - Ad Audience
CustomerLabs CDP - Email Audience

Email audiences

Create & sync user segments with popular email platforms such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue etc. to deliver timely email communication and push users to the next funnel stage

Live chat audiences

Send the unified segments to popular live chat tools such as Intercom & Drift in real time to tailor in-app and website communication to improve conversion rates

CustomerLabs CDP - Live chat Audience

   CustomerLabs CDP gave us the ability to easily recreate our segmented CRM lists as audience in all our ad platforms and we were thus able to generate much more targeted ads and messaging to our audience. Also being able to tell Facebook Ads which of our high value clients and prospects should be prioritized. Then pushing that data into all the other platforms to expand targeted reach.   

Bruce Martin

Marketing Director, APO group


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