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First-Party audience — The term now every marketer talks about after the iOS’14 update. But how many of us actually know even anonymous visitors are our first-party data? And how many of us actually know how to utilize our first-party audience to ace our ad campaign performance?

In this latest episode of The eCommerce Fastlane Podcast hear from our CEO Vishnu Vankayala of CustomerLabs CDP, as he speaks about:

  • What is CustomerLabs CDP? How is CustomerLabs CDP different from other CDP platforms?
  • How to collect first-party data and utilize them in advertising platforms like Google and Facebook?
  • Are marketers aware of anonymous visitors and why they should leverage anonymous visitors?
  • What do marketers need today and how can they future-proof themselves for the cookieless world?

To learn more about how first-party audience strategies can help your business navigate difficult times, talk to our first-party data expert today.

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