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Introducing CustomerLabs CDP Sources, a No-Code way to connect & unify data across your CRM, Marketing Automation, Live Chat & Ana

NEWARK, Delaware – September 29, 2020 – Digital Marketing Infrastructure company, CustomerLabs, today announced the launch of CustomerLabs CDP Sources – a solution that enables SMB marketing teams to connect all the tools in their martech stack including Email, CRM, Live chat & Analytics platforms without writing a single line of code. 

In today’s privacy-centric environment, the data that helps marketers to understand their customers is not easily available. With popular browsers such as Google Chrome & Safari blocking third party cookies, marketers have nowhere to go but to depend on their first-party data gathered across their owned & paid channels to deliver faster, better & more personalized customer experiences. 

While this looks like an easy solution to survive the cookie-less future, it does come with its own set of challenges. 

Barriers to success 

Reports suggest that the most important challenge to marketing technology success is the complexity of integrating disparate systems. With myriad marketing tools ranging from email automation to CRM to Live chat to Analytics, marketers often struggle with two major bottlenecks, 

  1. Relying on their IT team for assistance
  2. The time it takes to integrate multiple platforms 

This however, is also not a one-time process as it has to go through multiple iterations to achieve the required customer data. 

But with CustomerLabs CDP Sources, SMB marketers can easily connect and bring data from their day-to-day tools into CustomerLabs CDP without writing a single line of code, saving tons of development time & resources. 

End-to-End integrations to scale processes

Here are some of the popular platforms that SMB marketers can integrate out of box using CustomerLabs CDP Sources, 

HubSpot CRM:

Connect HubSpot to CustomerLabs CDP to bring Contact, Company & Deal data and merge them with existing information to understand user behavior and unlock infinite possibilities to target them on any channel. Learn more.    


CustomerLabs CDP supports integration with Frehsales, so that marketers can get a complete view of where their leads are in the funnel stage and tweak their campaigns to improve conversions. Learn more


Access real-time Person, Company & Deal updates from Pipedrive in CustomerLabs CDP to ensure that there are no overlaps between marketing & sales communication. 


With Drift/Intercom data in CustomerLabs CDP, never miss out on capturing user activity from the website to personalize future communication. Learn more.

Facebook Lead Ads:

Collect & ingest data about people who fill out the lead form in Facebook into CustomerLabs CDP to gather more useful & in-depth information that can be used to improve communication efforts. 

And that’s not all! Bring data from ANY cloud app:

With access to incoming webhooks, SMB marketers can now bring data from any cloud app to enrich existing information, access never before used audience segments & target them with personalized messages. Learn more

#1: Re-engage users who don’t respond to emails/calls using Facebook Ads

A simple way to fill the marketing funnel to the brim is by targeting those cold leads who don’t pick up calls or respond to emails through Facebook ads without being too intrusive. With CustomerLabs CDP Sources, marketers can bring the lead data from their CRM, enrich them to increase audience match rates & push it to Facebook without writing a single line of code. 

#2: Personalize email campaigns with data from Facebook lead forms

This is a great way to know more about existing users by collecting previously unknown but relevant data that can be sent to an email marketing platform as an audience segment to deliver timely & personalized messages. 

#3: Understand users better by sending CRM data to Google Analytics

Create never before used customer segments in Google Analytics with access to lead stage/status/score etc from CRM, which can then be fed to Google Ads as remarketing lists to boost conversions. View more similar playbooks.

“CustomerLabs gave us the ability to easily recreate our segmented CRM lists as an audience in all our ad platforms and we were thus able to generate much more targeted ads and messaging to our audience” says Bruce Martin, Marketing Director, APO Group.

About CustomerLabs

SMB Marketing teams rely on CustomerLabs CDP to unify their martech stack with customer data for 2x growth. 

Founded in 2014, CustomerLabs revolutionized how SMB marketing teams collect & use customer data. CustomerLabs now provides advanced data collection and unification capabilities for SMB marketing teams to improve marketing effectiveness without depending on their developers.

Vishnu Vankayala

CEO of CustomerLabs, Building next-generation tools for Digital Marketers.

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