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How our Account-based Marketing (ABM)campaigns are getting 2x more response than the traditional marketers ABM campaigns



Account-Based Marketing is nothing but aiming at the star and not the sky. Unlike the traditional marketing campaigns of fishing the whole universe and then drilling it down to a handful of prospects. ABM directly targets the potential prospects for their business.

Most of the ABM marketers follows these similar steps in their ABM campaigns

Step 1: Define the ABM Goal
Step 2: Plan the ABM Strategy
Step 3: Select the ABM Tool that suits the requirement
Step 4: Research and Identify the Target Accounts
Step 5: Select the channels to pitch in and craft Your Messaging
Step 6: Roll out the ABM Campaigns
Step 7: Assign Leads to the Sales team.
Step 8: Analyse and optimise the process.

Yes, ABM is the new trend of bringing in high-quality leads. But here’s how we differ and take ABM to the next level.

How at CustomerLabs we’ve Implemented Account-Based Marketing and increased the response rate by 2x with our No-Code CDP

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up account based marketing.

Step 1: Identify your high-value target accounts – find your stars

Based on the account research and Ideal Customer Profiling, our ABM team will handpick the target accounts from various platforms

Step 2: Conduct research on those accounts and prioritise them – know if they are stars or stardust

Our ABM team will analyse the accounts through various channels like website, social media channels, etc., & try to understand how we can add value to them and prioritize them based on the level of personalisation

Step 3: Develop customized marketing campaigns – build a rocket launch

The ABM teams select the channels on which the accounts engage the most and crafts personalised messages according to the ABM account and channel

Step 4: Run ABM aircover campaigns – take them on a space-tour

Before the start of ABM, we’ll run aircover campaigns to our ABM accounts. From our CDP platform, we push the account data to Linkedin and run aircover campaigns

These aircover campaigns help build brand awareness about our product even before the official launch of our ABM campaigns

Step 5: Execute ABM campaigns – launch your air craft

Finally, the ABM team start executing the campaigns on various platforms like mail, ads, social channels based on the schedule planned.

Step 6: Assign tasks to your SDRs as and when target accounts land on your website – capture the shooting star

If an ABM account visits our website, the ABM team assigns a task to our SDR stating that an account from ABM has visited our site.

Here’s how our CDP tool helps our ABM team in doing this,

Once our CDP is connected to our website, CRM and other tools. Our CDP builds a unified 360-degree customer profile for each prospect and starts enriching the customer data with ids.

Along with this, we have an intelligent IP-to-company mapping data tool Albacross which identifies the companies that visit our website

With the integration of both these tools, whenever a target account lands on our website Albacross identifies the visitor by website_id and sends the information to no-code CDP and CDP scans the visitors to check if there are any matches. Once CDP finds a match and recognizes the account as a “target account”. Our ABM team assigns tasks to the SDR via CRM to focus on the particular account.

Account Based Marketing(ABM) with a CDP


1. Create awareness about your brand even before the campaign increases the chances of a response from an ABM account

2. Notifying SDRs about an ABM account visit helps them take prompt action like getting to a call, or sending a hyper-personalized mail to convert them.

Raja is passionate about using first-party data for targeted advertising. He studies Google and Facebook's strategies and case studies to help businesses maximize their customer data for powerful marketing.

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